Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blue Hair, Dogopoly, and What is under that bed?

Last Friday was "Crazy Hair Day" at our VBS:

Thankfully that blue did wash out easily!


 I already shared about cleaning out under the bunk bed in my girls' room and discovering the 7 year old's "cotton ball collection".  But, also under the bed was this cardboard box decorated with drawings and stamps:

"It's my boat," my 7 year old informed me, "Please can I keep it?"

I just hope the TV show "Hoarders" is still around when she has her own house someday because she's going to need some intervention!
By the end of this week we were finally able to begin settling into the easier pace of summer.  Here's what this afternoon looked like:

Madeline The Dog LOVES Monopoly!

Okay, maybe it's more the closeness to her family and the snacks that she loves!  She's sharing a chair with my 6 year old and that dog sitting in a chair happens all the time around here.  Honestly, have your ever heard of such dog shenanigans?!!

So, that's Madeline playing.  Here's a shot of Madeline napping I caught this week:

Hey, she lives in a house with 4 kids, sleeping under the bed (or as far under as you can fit) is the only way to even have a chance at an undisturbed nap!  


Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Ok, the dog cracked me up!! Probably because our dog goes off to hide after trying to nape in the open and being dealt with by a toddler ;-)

    When we were first married with no children, I taught our Rottie mix to sit at the table with me for supper. Hubby was gone a lot with the military, but he sure freaked out when he saw our nightly routine :-( I guess he doesn't think dogs belong there?? Who knew?

  2. I would not care for a dog sitting at the table. Madeline is a cute dog and appears to be studying the monopoly game. Probably deciding if the pieces are edible. I can't remember the last time I played a long monopoly game. Great that your kids enjoy it. Keep that coffee away from them.

  3. LOL, cute shot of Madeline napping.

  4. Madeline is so cute. I think she's perfect for watching monopoly. I just purchased the game in Spanish for friends here in Honduras. Can't wait to play.

  5. I was here reading yesterday and then the kids distracted me so I can't remember if I left a comment last night or not. Anyway, I love that adorable Madeline. So cute!

  6. Enjoyed your fragments! Bet the kids loved their blue hair and your dog is so cute watching them play Monopoly. I always liked that game!


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