Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do you want to see?

Do you want to see the dog that is actually tempting me to get a second dog?

Did you click on the link?  How cute is that puppy?  So, so cute!  The puppy is a Labradoodle, so part lab and part poodle.  

Our dog is a Goldendoodle (part Golden Retriever and part poodle) just like that puppy's big brother.  My dog would really love having another dog to play with!  Too bad there'd be all the extra work and expense!  As it is with one dog I am always asking "What is the dog eating?!!" when I notice her suspiciously chewing on something.  Tonight the answer to my question was packing peanuts!  The dissolvable kind, I hope that makes them non-toxic!  I can't begin to imagine the craziness of that "What's the dog eating?" game if we had two dogs!!


Do you want to see the inside of my dryer?

Acorns!  Really clean acorns.


Do you want to see what my girls race to do when a summer rain shower strikes?

Swinging in the rain!

Do you want to see what we'll be coming up with tomorrow to help make Father's Day special at our house?  Here's a link to our annual tradition of a Father's Day Treasure Hunt.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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  1. Swinging in the rain - love it! We play the "what's my dog chewing on" game over here too. Sometimes its shoes, or a lipstick tube, and once it was an entire chocolate bar. I know chocolate is toxic for dogs but I guess candy bar chocolate is not as bad as baking chocolate. She was fine - not even a tummy ache, at least from what we could see.

  2. LOL. two dogs are a pack and oh my can they get into trouble. I came home last night to trash from one end of the house to the other and clean laundry that was folded in a basked strewn about with the trash. They are not even puppies. If they were not so cute I think they might be gone:(
    The girls are so adorable swinging in the rain. It has been raining here for days. Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Are you doubling the dryer as an acorn roaster? That puppy is very cute.


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