Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What The Second To Last Day of School Looks Like

This is my house 10 minutes after the kids got home today on the 2nd to last day of school:

The last day of school is a half-day with pretty much just their class parties, so the teachers sent everything home today and the kids were told not to even bring their backpacks tomorrow.  Hence my breakfast room becoming the dumping ground of our local elementary school.  A swim practice pretty soon after school also contributed to the mess because clothes and shoes were tossed off along with the school paraphernalia.

My house is a sea of half-used glue bottles, crayon nubs, pencils that have long ago lost their erasers, school journals, stinky lunchboxes, ratty backpacks and mounds of school work!  Next year I really need to anticipate this day better and set a large trashcan just outside the door to the house and have my children toss everything before they even come in the door!  Maybe we could just save those daily journals that have precious thoughts recorded in my child's own handwriting!  But, now I'm done for because the stuff has infiltrated the house and I'll be working to shovel it out all summer long.

As if the last day of school is not celebrated enough, my kids will wake up to this when they come down for breakfast:

Each child gets a workbook for their next grade level and a bucket with a bubble wand, a water gun, and a soaker ball.  Then the tub in the middle of the table are new things to share:  a large bubble solution refill, a kit full of bubble tools, pool dive sticks in fun character shapes, and some packages of basic lego bricks I bought on eBay to help us have more of the often-used/first-to-run-out-when-we're-building lego pieces.

Bring on the summertime!


  1. Congrats on another school year! So happy that summer is finally here. I don't have school ages kids, yet, but I can imagine that long summer days spent without the structure of school will be wonderful. As a kid my siblings and I spent hours at our family cottage - just being kids. I hope to carry on the tradition:)

  2. What a great idea! I've been trying to come up with something fun to welcome summer, and I think I might have found it. Thankfully, I still have 2 weeks of school before I have to pull it off though!


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