Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When you download your husband's iPhone photos . . .

My husband took some pictures on his phone of our annual family blueberry picking this past Saturday and when I asked him to download the pictures, it was really entertaining to see all the other photos on his phone.  He hasn't downloaded them in a while.  

There were the typically our-kids-doing-something-fun pictures:

Kids-doing-something-cute pictures:

There was the day our 4 year old asked my husband if he'd take her tiny, red toy ducky to work with him and he photographed it looking out his office window to show her:

And then there was this:

Some random hotel bathroom from one of my husband's work trips!  

"Can you explain this?"  I asked.

He laughed and couldn't even remember what exactly it was about that hotel bathroom scene that struck him as funny - probably the throw-back to the olden days phone hanging there in the bathroom!  Or maybe this picture just snuck into to batch from the 1980s!

If you really want to get to know a person, check out what pictures they have on their iPhone!

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  1. That phone is kinda weird though!

  2. The bathroom photo reminds me of Las Vegas. Its the only place I've seen a phone in the bathroom.

  3. There is a phone! In case on needs to call for help?

  4. I wonder if phones in hotel rooms will go the way of the payphones. The hotels always charged a big fee for their phone usage. How many people have talked on their cellphone while using the facilities? Nice view from the office window.


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