Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cloth Napkins for Kids

We made the switch away from paper napkins a couple years ago and I have really liked it.  It is not hard to throw dirty napkins in with a load of wash I'm already doing every day or every other day.  And I like not having to buy paper napkins at the store; one less thing for my grocery list makes me happy!  Also, it's something small our family can do to better care for the world God gave us.

For dinner we use cloth napkins, and for lunch I was using old baby washcloths for the kids to wipe their hands and faces.  Several of the washcloths had gotten holes, but instead of spending money on new ones, I thought of an idea while cleaning out.  We had several soft flannel baby blankets around the house, but no babies anymore (sigh, that phase leaves so quickly, doesn't it?).  So, I cut the blankets up into small cloth napkins just the perfect size for the kids to use!

I love how soft they are!

I could have/should have gone the extra mile and sewed up a hem around the edge, but I knew adding that step would likely mean the blankets would never turn into cloth napkins, so I just cut around the edges with pinking shears.  Good enough!

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  1. We gave up paper towels and paper napkins several years ago too... I love your idea of cutting up a blanket! I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a pack of cloth napkins from their clearance section for the kids! They are all pretty stained now... maybe I'll use your trick for some new ones for us! Thanks!

  2. What a fabulous idea! I was just going through all of our baby blankets last night and thought what could I do with these? I love that something so sentimental can have another go around in the house.


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