Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Best Message to Send!

There is a girl named Juliet who we sponsor, she lives at a children's home in Uganda.  

She's 12 years old and we've sponsored her for about 4 or 5 years now, not only sending money to help provide for her care and education, but we've also exchanged letters and pictures.  She likes to dance and to cook.  She wanted to be an actress when she was younger, but now she wants to be a doctor.  She loves learning about God and prays for us!

I'd so love to see Juliet in person some day, to hug her and tell her how much we care about her (I hold these children we sponsor in a very special place in my heart)!  We were able to meet the boy we sponsor in Ethiopia a couple years ago, but I'm not sure that opportunity will come to visit Juliet.

Imagine my delight and awe in God, though, when I discovered that my Community Bible Study leader was traveling to the exact orphanage in Uganda where Juliet is!!  Oh God is just too much sometimes!!

And imagine my joy at the privilege of putting together a little care package for my friend to deliver to Juliet!  I bought some empty notebooks with pretty covers for Juliet to write in, to record her thoughts and dreams, along with some pens, stickers, a long letter from us, a picture of us and a copy of a picture of her that she'd sent us (the one that we display on our refrigerator)!  

But, I wanted something else kinda special for this precious 11 year old girl but not too expensive because the children cannot have anything of much monetary value.  So, I ordered a kit to make bottlecap necklaces and then ordered a template to be able to print any saying I wanted for the center of the necklace.  I thought about what one thing I most wanted Juliet to know.  For me it all boiled down to this:

A necklace to remind her that Jesus loves her.  

Praying she feels that love!

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  1. WOW! This is awesome! So glad you are getting to connect in another way with Juliet. Who knows...maybe one day you'll be the one doing the traveling!

  2. What a precious gift to be sure. I'm sure she will treasure it :)


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