Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's Been 4 Years and I Can Only Now Consider Disney Again

A little over four years ago we went to Disneyworld.  It was a very fun trip with many precious memories made.  But, it was also an exhausting vacation!  My husband was ready to go back to Disney right away.  He loved it!  Me?  Well, for the past 4 years every time he's brought it up as a possible vacation destination I've groaned and said, "That is NOT a vacation, that is WORK.  Give me a beach and no agenda for a week, THAT's a vacation!"

Four years and finally I can consider Disney again.  Mostly because now our youngest, our fourth child, adopted 2 years ago from Ethiopia as a 3 year old has never been and she is getting to the height of the princess/character phase.

But, also, I'm telling myself, "When we went to Disney before the kids were 6, 4, and 2 years old.  That is really young to do such a big trip with, and that 2 year old was miserable waiting in line even 15 minutes for a ride or a show and that 4 year old could get pretty whiney.  It would be so much easier with kids ages 11, 8, 6 and 5!  Also, there was a kid throwing up in the middle of the night that first trip and we used up all the hotel towels cleaning it up and I just longed for my home and washing machine.  But, surely nobody will throw up this time!  Also, that first trip we were determined to cram in as many experiences as possible -- rides, parades, shows, character dining, etc. -- this time we'd take it easy a bit more."

Maybe Disney will win me over this time, maybe it really IS the happiest place on earth and somehow I missed that while lugging 3 small children around multiple theme parks 4 years ago.  Maybe. . .

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  1. Disney is definitely the happiest place on earth. :) Our family loves it. We're hoping to go in May when we go to Florida for our oldest's graduation from college. We like to go about every 2-3 years. We'd go more if we could.

    But as much as we love it, I agree with you. It is definitely not a resting vacation. In fact, you have to come home to rest when it's over.

    Hope you'll love it better this time.


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