Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's not to love about a doll with a dirty diaper?

My older daughter got a Baby Alive doll for Christmas.  She's been asking for one for a while now, but she has so many dolls and I thought this one seemed too gimmicky and prefer the classic baby dolls.  But, when it appeared on her Christmas list again this year, I sadly realized the day may come too quickly when she's too old to put a doll on her Christmas wishlist, so I got it for her.

She was excited when she opened it!  Then when she told my 10 year old son it was a doll that you can feed and then it goes potty, he asked incredulously, "What is fun about that?!"

But it has been fun, for me and my daughter!

And all my kids have learned the life lesson that when a baby eats green peas, the dirty diaper produced later will be, well, green!

My daughter has also learned just how long it takes to feed a baby.  Baby Alive is pretty realistic that way, it seems to take 20 minutes or so for a feeding of her, then you have to clean her up.  I told my daughter that's the way it is with real babies too, only they have to eat every 3 hours!

We've had some sweet moments with this Baby Alive!

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