Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tizzy is a Word! It is!

You know you've got yourself some 1st world problems when your day is thrown all in a tizzy (yes, that is a real word, it looked funny written, so I looked it up) because the groomer called to cancel your dog's grooming appointment.  

But, really we were in a state of dire grooming need!  

First I called too late into the Christmas season and they were all booked up until the new year.  We attempted to bathe/groom the creature ourselves, it did not go well, so I called again early in the new year and was only able to get an appointment for my dog for 3 weeks later.  I was literally counting down the days until she could be groomed.  She was a matted, filthy mess, and worst of all, her long fur kept bringing in a multitude of leaves from the backyard that she would then scatter all over the house!

So, when they canceled due to a family emergency and could not give me a clear reschedule date, we were forced to find another groomer.  Stat!  Thankfully, we did find one and we finally have a presentable dog again!

Before (with a particularly leaf-encrusted face):


'Course she's been fussing at me all day because now she is only wearing her lightweight coat and it's 30 degrees.  She told me, "You know I grow that heavy fur coat for a reason!"  Okay, so my dog does not actually talk to me with words, but look at that face, it says it all!


One day last week when I dropped Little Girl off at preschool she was talking to her teacher about her snack and about how she got the snack out of the pantry at our house.  Then as I was walking off I heard her tell her teacher loudly (because that's how she always talks), "WE HAVE BUGS IN OUR PANTRY!"

I wheeled around and said, "That was ONE time SIX MONTHS AGO!"

"Seriously,"  I told my friend that afternoon, "She has lived with us for over 2 years now, and for like 4 days of those 2 years there were bugs in the pantry, yet that's just how she sums up the state of our pantry!"

That friend then proceeded to tell me that her 3 kids had lice a few months ago, it's totally gone, but now anytime someone comes over her kids tell them, "Watch out!  We have a lice a problem!"

I was rolling on the floor laughing!  Kids, man, they keep you humble!


Okay, so the pantry comment was last week, well fast forward to this week.  I was cleaning out the pantry and noticed this fine crumb coating, like small brown grains.  At first I thought someone had emptied the remnants of the cereal box in the pantry because that could totally happen with 4 kids around here.  But, then it hit me, "These are probably not crumbs.  What if they are BUGS?!"  

Sure enough, I Googled it, "Grain-like pantry bugs" and there is such thing as a grain beetle and the bugs are as tiny as a small grain!  They love to get in things like flour, oatmeal, grits, spices, etc.  They are typically in the food when you bring it home from the store.  And sure enough, I found them in a canister of quick-cooking oats and a nearby bag of grits that was sealed in a Ziploc bag!  Thankfully most of the stuff in my pantry is sealed well in jars or plastic containers, but the quick oats were in the cardboard canister I bought them in.  Needless to say I will now be emptying those type of store-bought packaging into my clear, plastic containers before they ever go into my pantry!

Gross!  But, on a positive side my pantry is now super clean and totally purged as I threw away many old things just on principle!

And now Little Girl has an arsenal of bugs-in-our-pantry stories!  Good thing I have no shame as evidenced by the fact that I am telling the entire world about the bugs in my pantry!


We have some "wintry mix" forecasted for our city tomorrow, which happens less than once a year, so the kids are very excited about the possibility of a snow day tomorrow!  We shall see!  I know I'd be happy to not have to leave the house tomorrow.  Really anytime the temperature drops below 50 degrees I don't think I should be expected to go outside!


 Happy Friday, Friends!  


  1. Come to our neck of the woods and you'd freeze. It's been in the negative numbers, but is supposed to warm up some this weekend and snow some more, of course. haha

    Your dog is so cute...groomed or ungroomed.

    We use the tizzy word around here all the time. Only we call it tizzy fits and I can have them quite regularly, usually over the silliest things.

    Have a great day!

  2. That is one popular groomer if you can't get in for three weeks. Yikes. But the dog does look good now.

  3. Love the new dog look! Bugs are bad however mice are even worse.

  4. Kids do say the darndest things, don't they? I have a friend who has a five-year-old. She invariably replies when queried about her lunch that her mother served chips and Coke. It's simply not true. I sure she wishes she had that every day for lunch but her mom rarely indulges in that sort of thing.

  5. dog's grooming appointment: oh, no; hope the dog's handled it well
    look at that face: precious!
    BUGS IN OUR PANTRY: gotta love those girl used to say these kinds of things out of the blue

  6. As I was reading this I thought what does the dog think. Then you answered my question. Funny.
    Who know but I wonder if a boy would have remembered our pantry condition.
    Thanks your post gave me a little bit to wonder about.

  7. Oh my dog also speaks to me : ) Kids do keep you honest, that's for sure! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Our pantry was infested last sumer with sugar ants and I had the hardest time getting rid of them! I will now be watching for grain-like bugs -- aack!
    My kids are always remembering everything that has gone wrong and share it at the worst possible time!

  9. I had to laugh because I just posted on Twitter last night about our nasty dogs. We have unusually low temperatures here ( 7 degrees today) and I am scared even with their sweaters on they will freeze. They bring in so much yuk from the yard. Yours looks so good now I am going to do it this week...
    My 4-year-old granddaughter was visiting this summer and the little girl across the street and her Mom came over. The little girl scratched her arm and Adriana said, "do you have those bugs?" My daughter and I wanted to die. Adriana's preschool had an awful issue with lice last fall. I think every school did.
    I rarely by large quantities of pantry items anymore because of those annoying bugs.
    Have a great weekend!


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