Monday, May 5, 2014

Washing Like It's 1989!

We HAD the new-fangled washer and dryer.  You know, the HE which really means your clothes get washed with nearly no water (anyone else wonder about the science behind how that works?) and the steam dryer that at just a few years old started leaving mysterious brown, rust-like marks on clothes?  It was all VERY FANCY.

But, we got annoyed with all the new and improved.

And decided to go back to the old and reliable (hopefully?!).  No more HE or energy saver or really anything over just a few hundred dollars because if we are going to have to buy a new washer and dryer every 6 years, they might as well be cheap to start with rather than close to $1,000 a piece!!

Oh yeah, Baby!!

I'm washing like it's 1989!  And I have to say it is pretty awesome!

Y'all the washer actually fills ALL THE WAY up with water!

I love the earth God created for us as much as the next guy, but really I don't think washing clothes is the right avenue to conserve water, not if you actually want them to you know, GET CLEAN!!

'Course my poor 11 year old son is so confused trying to decipher the knobs (Mom, you mean there is no digital read-out?!) and determine if his load of clothes is a "large, medium or small load".  Our old washer just SENSED the load size and chose the setting itself.  I'm convinced technology is making our kids weak -- I just taught my academically gifted 11 year old the difference between small, medium and large!!

Now to find him one of those cell phones that you have to carry in a shoulder bag to take with him to middle school!!!


  1. I love looking at old cell phones. They crack me up.

  2. A cell phone like on Saved By The Bell :) haha
    Hey - I don't care for the new washer & dryers... sometimes classic is best :)


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