Monday, June 23, 2014

A Mother-Daughter Ice Skating Date

I had the pleasure of taking my 8 year old daughter on an ice-skating date last week:

She'd never been before, but she mastered roller-skating recently at a friend's birthday party, so I thought she'd be able to catch on to ice skating.

Truly I was worried she'd be skating circles around me, it had been ages since I'd ice-skated.

But, I was really thrilled that all my old ice skating skills came back to me!

My daughter did a lap holding on to the wall, then a lap holding my hand and then she was ready to do it on her own, slowly at first and then faster!

I love seeing this side of my girl.  She is quiet and most people think reserved, but when it comes to daredevil-type physical things, she's all in!  Roller-coasters, rock-climbing, spinning or swinging, this girl loves it and can't go fast or high enough!  And I saw that kick in with the skating.  She was determined to get it and not timid about trying and trying until she mastered it, which she did and then she did not want to stop skating!

We had a blast and the whole evening reminded me of just how important individual dates are with my children.  It is a treasure to get one-on-one time with them.  And something like ice skating is just too much right now for me to do with all 4 kids.  I remember the time a few years ago that I took 3 of them roller-skating and none of them could skate -- they were all clinging to me and couldn't even keep their feet under them -- it was a very long hour and a half (and probably made me gun-shy against doing anything like that again)!  But, helping just one child learn to ice skate was totally doable and even enjoyable!

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  1. I'm sure those individual dates are such amazing memory makers! :)


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