Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our breakfast table scene -- look the other way (or take pictures)

This may or may not be a fairly regular scene at our breakfast table. . .

A dog!  Sitting in a chair like a person at the table!

(Only this time she's actually resting her head on the table which is slightly unusual and cute and thus picture-worthy.  Usually she just sits there on a chair looking around.)

I know.  The dog trainer we hired for private lessons in our home when this dog was a puppy would be absolutely horrified! 

Sure, if there is food there at the particular spot at the table we immediately order her "OFF!" and she does.  But, if there is no immediate food in her grasp we often "let it go".  Really what happens 99% of the time is that the kids remaining at the table joke that whoever it was that just vacated the spot at the table that the dog now occupies is "looking really furry today"!

Clearly we are in the wacky camp of people where the dog is considered a member of our family and perhaps our line between human and dog has moved too far allowing the dog a bit of time at the table when nearly everyone is through eating!

From another angle, look how cute and innocent she looks!!

I think, though, it all boils down to this.  In my life I have bigger battles than this.  A dog at the table?  I shrug, perhaps shake my head, look the other way, or some days take pictures.  But, what is golden, and really the main reason we have a dog and I hope will always have one, is that when she does this it always brings a smile to all of us, always! 

The dog at the breakfast table disgusts and disturbs me a lot less than nearly all the news in those newspapers!

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  1. This is a regular scene in our house too. Especially when the little ones leave food at the table!


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