Thursday, June 5, 2014

She's NOT Wonderwoman!

Today was "Disguise Day" at VBS:

That picture is minus one child because he is now too old for VBS and has moved on to the world of VBX and Youth Group.  Youth group, I'm finding, is much like middle school -- a whole 'nother world that I am not ready for, but he is!

Oh, and whatever you do, don't tell Little Girl she looks like Wonderwoman.  Or you'll get this face:

Yes, I know, she is dressed in a Wonderwoman costume (that SHE chose from our costume bin, no less), that is what makes the whole thing so tricky, but she wanted to be "cooler and fancier than Wonderwoman".  I ran out of time to help her tweak the costume to her specific desires, so she had to settle for the glasses to make her "fancier than Wonderwoman".

Did I mention that it was 8:00 am when this whole Wonderwoman negotiation was going on?!!  And that I'd already gotten 2 children to swim practice and needed to pick up 2 more children from their swim practice and get them dressed for VBS??

So, just trust me on the whole thing and don't tell her she looks like Wonderwoman and everything will be fine!

I just wish my 8 year old daughter had followed my advice.  She ignored my shushings and demanded, "Well, if you didn't want to look like Wonderwoman, then WHY did you put on a Wonderwoman costume?!!"  It was a valid question but only if you are dealing with a rational person, which 5 year old's are sometimes not!

Tomorrow is crazy hair day and Little Girl has requested a mohawk sprayed with colorful hair paint.  Being Little Girl's personal stylist/assistant is exhausting!

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. Love the cooler and fancier than Wonder Woman look! My son moved onto to Youth group this year too. Much different than Sunday School but he seems to like it. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. The minds of 5 year olds is not to be tampered with. I understand completely.

  3. Oh my! She's a cutie...even with the face!! :)

  4. Don't you just love the theme days, they are so much fun!

  5. I LOVE her costume!! Dress-up days are so much fun :)


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