Monday, June 30, 2014

Blueberry Picking 2014

We've gone blueberry picking every year for the past 7 years and this year we picked the most ever! Nineteen pounds!!

We woke up before the crack of dawn to get the best blueberries and get done before it got so hot.  I am so impressed with us that we were able to arrive at the blueberry farm (a good 50 minutes from our house) by 6:30am!!  Did I mention my husband and I are not morning people?  So, you can truly appreciate the motivation and effort!  But it was worth it, it was so nice picking before it got hot! 

I filled my bucket first:

Just to keep it real, it is was not all peaceful bliss picking blueberries with 4 kids, all 3 of the younger kids spilled their buckets at some point in the process, which brought some drama.  Thankfully 2 of the kids it was early on before they'd picked much, but the one who spilled his rather full bucket was very upset and I told him I'd help him fill it back up.  He said, "But, Mom, I don't think you can pick enough to fill my bucket before we leave."  That was all I needed to hear!  Those were challenge words and I was determined to fill his bucket!  Since my family did not want to stay in the blueberry field much longer and they knew I wasn't leaving until the little guy's bucket was full, everyone began picking to fill up his bucket, which we did.

So, what do you do with 19 pounds of blueberries?  Well, we had blueberry pancakes for dinner, made blueberry bread:

Blueberry pie:

And tomorrow blueberry bars are on the line-up!  I'll freeze a bunch too.

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