Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Week That Summer Made

We did the coolest, easiest science experiment this week courtesy of my son's awesome 1st grade teacher who sent home a packet of things the kids could do over the summer complete with all the supplies to do it!

The experiment is proving that water can "walk" and you just put some water in a small cup (or I used a small jar), dye it with food coloring (Use any color you want; my little guy's favorite is blue), and then drape a strip of paper towel from the small cup with the colored water to an empty cup and check back periodically over a few hours to see the water walk!

It was amazing to see how much water literally moved from the full jar to the empty across the paper towel!  The water levels eventually reached equilibrium:

I'm going to send his teacher that picture!


The only way to top the excitement of walking water was to break out the bubble wand I bought that promises the world's largest bubbles.

That is a really big bubble!


There was backyard soccer with siblings :


And a pediatrician check-ups for the boys where I learned that my oldest is only 1 inch shy of 5 feet tall!  How is it possible that he is that big?  

Of course, there are benefits to them being big, it was like a reunion at the pediatrician's office because we literally had not been in there in 9 months -- so amazing considering there was a season of life when my kids were little that I was at the doctor with them every 2 weeks!  Our pediatrician is the same one we've used since the beginning, the same one who visited the children I gave birth to when they were just a few hours old.  And now over 11 years later he hugs and kisses my kids and dotes over them like a proud grandfather and it makes me so glad we chose the pediatrician we did all those years ago when I was pregnant with my first child!


We had count 'em up THREE swim meets this week but now the summer swim team season is over!  The end of season party was tonight.  

And good thing because I have been packing my family of 6 a nutritious picnic meal for each swim meet complete with homemade pasta salad, fresh fruit, and a healthy dessert like blueberry bread.  But, by the 3rd night of swim meets this week I just didn't have it in me to pack dinner and haul the cooler into the meet so they were relegated to eating hot dogs from the outside grill at the swim meet.  And really it should have been no surprise that after dinner of hot dogs and Sprite, the 8 year old immediately felt nausous!


Saturday is one of my most favorite day's of the year -- Blueberry Picking Day!  Which always means blueberry pancakes for dinner Saturday night!  I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. I remember picking blueberries and we would have a picnic lunch as well. Have a great weekend! Must show my granddaughter your experiment - she will love it.

  2. It's good that you found a pediatrician that you really like and that takes a genuine interest in your kids! I've had a couple of doozies! :)

  3. Looks like an awesome week! I am going to have to do that experiment with my kiddo. I love that the teacher sent home such a fun project!

  4. Simple experiments are the best; you are fortunate to have such a good pediatrician who knows your kids.


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