Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Week In Review

Summer is already flying by!  While I haven't yet had the rest and relaxation I would like (that is coming, though) and we've still been pretty busy, we have had fun!

Mostly we've done this:

Swim team!  It is fun, and great for them to get such good exercise when it's so hot out, but 7am practice comes awfully early!  And swim meets that start for our youngest at 4pm and end for our oldest around 9:30pm are exhausting, but the summer league all four of my kids are in is over next week, so the swim season is busy but short.


There have also been a lot of games.  This was a marathon Monopoly game that lasted through 2 days:

 It's fun that all the kids are old enough to play!  Apples to Apples Junior is a current favorite:

And we have a Puerto Rico game going with my husband, the 3 oldest kids, and me that we hope to finish tomorrow night.


The 7 year old lost a tooth this week:

He was very excited to catch up a bit, considering his little sister has lost more teeth than he has!


And this week my husband and I spent much time coaching the 11 year old through swallowing a pill.  We went to the travel medicine doctor last Friday.  The typhoid vaccine our son got before our last Ethiopia trip was no longer good and the nurse said if he could swallow a pill he was now old enough for the oral typhoid vaccine and could avoid a shot.  He'd never really successfully swallowed a pill, although we've tried a few different times, but she assured us all that it was tiny and there were only 4 pills total to take spread across a week.  Easy enough, right?

Well, there was quite the drama and consternation getting that first pill down and we were all just wishing he'd done the shot!  It was a good 45 minutes of coaching from my husband and I as far as techniques and encouragement.  He finally ended up swallowing it without water -- so gross, but he just couldn't do it with the liquid!  The 2nd pill on day 3 was better, but still took several tries and drama of "I can't do this!" but it went down in about 20 minutes.  Then the 3rd pill on day 5 was a record 5 minutes.  The 5th and final pill is tomorrow.  Here's to hoping the 11 year old has finally mastered swallowing pills!

Especially considering we need the malaria meds for our trip this time as we are going to a high malaria risk region of Ethiopia and the malaria medicine?  Doesn't come in a liquid form!  Pills only!  For ELEVEN days!!


Is it hot where you live?  Here we've achieved the temperatures where I wake up, put on exercise clothes, take kids to swim practice, work out, shower, and PUT CLEAN WORK-OUT CLOTHES on, not because I intend to exercise again, but because it is just too hot to be wearing anything but the sweat-proof clothing!


Have a wonderful weekend!
Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. It's very hot where we are. The pool looks refreshing, even if it's swim competition. I've been playing a lot of games with the kids too. Apples to Apples is one of my kids favorites.
    My husband has a difficult time taking pills, but he does it because he has to for his high cholesterol.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. It was very hot when we visited with our grandchildren last week and the pool was a godsend. Back home it is still cool enough to go without air conditioning.

  3. It's really hot here, too. I agree with Tami: the pool looks very refreshing! In fact, I thought it looked very inviting when I saw the picture!
    Good luck with the rest of those pills! I can't imagine it being easier to swallow them without water.

  4. I feel for your son. I remember when I couldn't swallow pills and the frustration my parents felt. I think I was in my early teens when I was finally able to do it without trouble.

  5. My kids still can't swallow pills. We haven't needed to really try so it hasn't been a problem. My oldest son, 12, still has 12 teeth to lose too. All his friends have lost all of their baby teeth but our dentist assured us it's fine, they can see all his adult teeth in the x-rays. He'll probably lose them all at once! Good luck with the malaria meds.


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