Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chore Consequences

I'm certainly not a parenting expert and I get parts wrong every day.

But, this much I've figured out, chores really help straighten out bad kid behavior!

Better than lectures, better than time-out or time-in (smiles and waves to my fellow adoptive parents), and better than taking away privileges. 

The work has a way of soothing the out of control child, I believe, and helps them see things with a new perspective.  It works out some strong emotions.

And a really awesome part is that you, the frustrated parent, actually get paid back a bit with a job completed!

My little guy got to clean the shoe shelf today.  Clearing all the shoes off (yes, my kids have way too many, especially in light of the knowledge that many children in Africa don't even own one pair of shoes), vacuuming off the shelves, wiping them, and then putting the shoes back. 

I certainly felt better about his misbehavior after the job was done!

Also a few times this summer, towards the end of a day spent all together, my 4 kids have gotten to fighting too much.  I can't even make dinner for running upstairs to solve disputes.  So, after the 3rd time or so, I just say, "Okay, everybody downstairs for some chore time."  No arguing over who is pestering whom or who was just reading a book and not doing anything -- I don't want to hear it, chore time!  They work while I cook and peace is restored!

One of my favorite chores to hand out is sweeping because it always needs to be done in our house and even my littlest can do it without help.  I keep two of these hand broom & dustpan sets hanging just inside a closet ready to hand out!

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  1. Love this! Mine are constantly fighting right now and it seems like they do it for fun. Drives me batty! Thanks for the tips. Have a great day!

  2. I agree! I will be utilizing this! Sometimes the lectures drive me battier than they drive my kids. LOL! So doing chores will help clean up our house and might give us some peace back!! :) Thanks!

  3. Great ideas! Thanks so much.


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