Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Is Already Eating My Lunch!

I wrote this a few years ago, it absolutely still applies today (only now with 4 kids worth of activities to juggle instead of 3), so I'm re-posting it with just a few changes to make it current:

It started a few weeks ago, the gradual bombarding.

Everywhere I went with my kids there was a flyer with specific instructions about where to be and when and sometimes what to dress my child in or bake and bring, and of course the numerous ways I could volunteer to help out with the upcoming big event.

A field trip, an open house, an art fair, 3 different elementary school musicals (because I have kids in 3 different grades!), a preschool water day, a choir concert, a field day, a friend's birthday party, another friend's birthday party, a baseball end of the season party, my child's birthday, the beginning of swim team season, a dance recital, planning for an upcoming VBS, the end of school party, the teacher gifts . . .

and on it goes. . .

I've seen other bloggers post on this so I know I'm not alone in thinking the busyness of the pre-Christmas season is nothing compared to the April/May of a mom!

Here are 13 ways I've attempted to manage it in years past (and I'm not doing very well so far this year, thus I need the reminding):

1. I will volunteer to help with some things, but quietly pass on the sign-up sheet without writing down my name for other things (For example: yes, I will chaperone the field trip, but I will let someone else bake cookies for the open house)!

2. I will write everything down on my calendar and check it daily!

3. I will use my crock pot, nearly every night.

4. I have cooked ahead some freezer meals.

5. I have lowered my expectations about exactly how clean my house will be during this season.

6. But, will be extra-diligent about keeping up the organization systems that make things run more smoothly, like kids putting their shoes on the shoe shelf, baseball hat always on the same hook, and laundry done often before it becomes too overwhelming!

7. Nearly all the things crammed on my calendar are truly fun things, so I will attempt to live in the moment of each one, and enjoy it without worrying about what is next on the agenda.

8. For every crazy, frenzied, jam-packed day we have these next couple of months, we will have at least one day of absolutely nothing planned over the summer!

9. I will keep my camera charged.

10. I will prioritize a quiet time each day and exercise, too!

11. I will not stress that this blog post is not formatted quite as perfectly as I'd like.

12. I will lay-out clothes and pack bags the night before.

13. I will thank God for the privilege of a front-row seat to my kids' lives!

So how do you do it? Any good survival tips to share?

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