Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teaching my Kids to Cook

Summer break has not yet been here a week and we've been super busy with swim meets (2 in less than a week) and VBS at our church every morning this week, so I haven't gotten to many of my summer goals.  Namely, cleaning out all the clutter that has built up the past few months during our busy season!

But, I have been cooking with my oldest 2 kids, which is part of my summer plan, to get them more proficient in the kitchen.  I have to say so far so good.  They are very eager to help and learning quickly.  I'm excited that they are able to truly be of help, unlike cooking with little ones where everything is 10 times harder having them "help" you!

The 10 year old chopping up vegetables for a stir-fry:

The 7 year old putting a pan of bacon in the oven:

And my 7 year old mastered the waffle iron!

I am doing my best to council them on safety in the kitchen but it does still scare me, them using knives and the oven and stove.  But, I'm trying to let some of that go, giving them only the dull knives and reminding myself that they have to learn some time!  

It is a privilege to be able to coach them through some of these skills that will serve them well the rest of their lives!  And I'm looking forward to the day they make ME dinner!  Maybe by August?


  1. Dull knives are actually worse to use than sharp ones even for children.

  2. I think you are smart to get started on this while their interest and desire is totally there. My last two ended up being tremendous cooks, but they ALL can if they have to. I was more obsessed with teaching them all how to clean it up properly though. My "how to clean properly" seminars are STILL discussed amongst my kids with horror, haha. Enjoy your summer with your sweet family!

  3. ohh little chefs...what r u making in ur kitchen?
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