Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have no idea how to title this.

Remember this post about the crazy April/May schedule? Well, yes, my house is a mess! Thanks for asking. In fact, it is so bad that when I tuck my children in at night, I clear a path from their beds to the stairs just in case there is a fire and they need to get out quick in the dark!

This week was the overlap of the swimming and baseball seasons. My son only does one sport per season to keep the craziness to a manageable level, but there is always that week overlap. It happened with the basketball to baseball transition, too, and it just about does me in! There is just nothing like pulling your kid out of the pool, thrusting a bag containing his baseball uniform down to the cleats at him, pointing him towards the bathroom with strict instructions to change and bring you back his swimsuit, and then looking around and realizing half a dozen other mothers are doing the same thing! It's madness I tell you.

The power company installed a new electric meter at our house last week out of the blue and cut off our power for a short time. Since the power came back on, the digital screen and controls on our microwave won't work. There is power since the light turns on when you open the door, but you can't start the microwave. Our microwave is super old, like from the 1980s kind of old. But the problem with replacing it is that it's attached to our oven; they are all one unit (so expensive to replace)! The oven still works; it has dial controls. And honestly the past week I haven't missed heating things in the microwave, I don't do that much anyway and everything can be heated on the stove or in the oven instead, but what I do miss is the timer I used from it when I had things in the oven and the clock that you could see all around the kitchen to keep us all on track. So, I'm debating not fixing (or replacing if it can't be fixed) the microwave and instead just buying a clock and timer for my kitchen!

My 4 year old daughter had a friend over for a play date this week and those two girls literally sat at my kitchen table and did crafts for an hour! The little girl's mom has 2 girls, but her youngest child is a boy and he's still an infant, so when she arrived to pick up her daughter, I motioned to the girls at the craft table with all their sparkly, sticker-clad creations and said, "Just so you know, boy play dates look nothing like this!" Seriously, at four all my son and his friends did was run around the house tackling each other or pretending to shoot each other with anything that remotely resembled a gun!

Our master bathroom cabinets desperately need to be sanded and repainted. I'm thinking of tackling the job myself over the summer. You know, in all my free time! Somebody please point me back to #1 on this list and stop me!

It's been a week since the 5 days my mom stayed with us and I can honestly say, those of you who care for a parent with dementia full-time, I don't know how you do it! The bathtub nearly overflowed once, her keys were left in the outside of the lock on our home three times, her cell phone was misplaced two times, the refrigerator was left open about a million times (maybe it was God's provision that we were forced to get a new fridge last summer because it has an alarm so the crazy beeping alerted me to go close it rather than having the food spoil)! We'd get ready to go somewhere and she'd help my toddler into the car, begin strapping him into the car seat, but then stop, close his door and get into the front passenger seat without fully buckling him in. At least I noticed before I began driving and he's old enough to tell me when he's not buckled! I can say, though, it got easier by the end of the week once I got used to what she could do and not do and what I needed to watch out for.

How is it that May is here? Wasn't it just January?


  1. I had to chuckle reading these takes. My grandparents' house was from the '80s, too. My grandfather built it and put in one of those dual oven/microwave units. When the microwave bit the dust (and, honestly, it's been about 10 years -- so I am impressed that yours has held out so long!) they opted to just buy a new microwave that went on the counter (they had tons of counter space) and the one connected to the stove? Became potholder storage! Exactly where one needed them when one needed them. Good luck with figuring out what to do!

  2. My step father-in-law firmly claims that microwaves are bad and should not be used. I don't think they even have one. When I think about it I most likely could live without it if need be.

  3. #4--hilarious! My son definitely fits the mold. It's always funny to see his little girl friends come over for play dates, b/c they Will.Not.Cooperate with his schemes for superhero play! LOL

  4. Wow, a 1980's microwave? I really believe that the older versions were better built and heated more evenly then ones today. If I tried really hard I could probably do without mine. I gave up my toaster oven, I probably could give up the microwave.
    I agree, where did the time go? I can't believe that May is tomorrow.

  5. I can't imagine no microwave.
    I can't believe it is May either. This year is just flying by!

  6. I did without an oven for about 6 months so I imagine I could do without a microwave if I had to, but I don't want to!

    Happy FF :-)

  7. Yes, I was just chatting with a friend about can't believe it is May either. YIKES! Goes by too quick!

  8. Hang in there! Glad I'm not the only one clearing paths from the stairs through kids' rooms! This year is already flying by.

  9. OMG, I say the same thing- it was just Christmas for goodness sake!

    See if your microwave has a fuse anywhere. We had a microwave that died. Ron was goofing around seeing if he could fix it. He replaced a fuse and it worked great for years!

    I have a business associate who is going through the same stuff wth her mom, but her mom lives with her. I have to give her's quite a job.

    Anyhoo, visiting from Friday Fragments.

  10. Bless your heart -- One of my secret fears is having to take care of my parents if they ever suffer from dementia. I guess it's just one of those things that you "do what you gotta do."


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