Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm not sure I can call him a toddler anymore!

On Saturday my baby will turn 3! Only he's less like a baby every day.

And as it is for so much of parenting, it gives me conflicting emotions.

Joy at the little boy he's become and at all the things we can do together now that we couldn't when he was a baby. Yet, sadness over the loss of the baby he was, the days when I could carry him for more than a few minutes without my arm aching!

This post from last year, still pretty well describes life with my youngest boy except he is speaking a ton more clearly and I no longer buy Pop Tarts, that was one of the first processed foods I eliminated and I prepared myself in advance for morning after morning of the yelling, "Pop-Art!" over and over with me only able to say, "Sorry, we don't have any, but here is a homemade muffin." But, surprisingly he didn't really protest the loss of the "Pop-Arts"

In honor of your 3rd birthday, sweet boy, here are 13 things you love (in no particular order):

1. Meatballs!! (Every night as I fix dinner you run in the kitchen to ask, "Are we having meatballs?")

2. Your stuffed bulldog Big Duke

3. Your family

4. Playing outside

5. Using the doggie door to get outside

6. Pretending you are various animals and creatures (I'm sure nobody wondered why I was pretending to feed you flies at the park today while you pretended to be a spider on a spider web!)

7. Mud puddles

8. Scrambled eggs

9. Pickles

10. Salsa

11. Giving and getting hugs

12. Doing anything your big brother and sister are doing

13. God and Jesus (whenever I tell you how much I love you, you are quick to remind me to "say thank-you God for your babies"!)

And we do thank God for the gift of you!

Just recently at the end of one of your brother's baseball games as you stood there completely coated in muddy water, a friend said to me, "Just think how boring your life would be if you'd stopped at two kids!"

Exactly!!! Thank you for all the life you add to our lives!

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  1. This was such a sweet, caring, loving post! Great thoughts and imagery. But I must 'baby son' will be 38 in 20 days. Whoa.

    My thirteen is photos of historical homes in town. Come by to view if you'd like. I'd love your company today. My Tour

  2. Congratulations on training up such a beautiful young man. (Oh, I know... "Man?! Not yet! He was but a toddler...) You are blessed. Here's to a happy birthday.

  3. oh my he's a hugger and the cutest shirt hahah sandy

  4. Love the tshirt and the vision of your son using the doggy door LOL Too cute. Happy T13!

  5. What a sweet sweet post. Enjoy every little moment they grow so fast. Loving the shirt :)

  6. This was great as always...LOVE the shirt, haha..ENJOY that precious little guy, he'll grow soo fast and before you know it you will be me, watching "your" boy work his own kids...Have a great day...HUGS

  7. I LOVE his tee shirt. I gotta get one for my 21 year old.

    Have a great day!

  8. What a sweet list! I smiled at the hugs one. My little guy loves to give and get hugs too. I hope he doesn't grow out of it like his older brothers! Lol!

  9. My "baby" will be 3 tomorrow, and I've been reminiscing as well. I hope your little guy has a fun day!

  10. Love the shirt! I hope you all have a happy b-day with your little big guy!

  11. I have to laugh at the shirt. I would HOPE that he's still living with his parents! HAHAHA! What a precious little guy. They grow up way too fast! Blessings.

  12. His shirt is priceless! Happy Birthday on Saturday!!

  13. that shirt is so super cool!

    and the meme - priceless!

    Ticke me off Instantly

  14. Hi,

    Absolutely delightful. I loved reading this post and being part of your life. Girl, what a great photo. Thank you for sharing your little man with us. Hugs. PS. Aunt Lynn says "Happy Birthday."

  15. Cool post. I scrapbook a lot of "your favorites at 3" or "things you love" layouts for my kids. I would love to know some of that stuff about me. My favorites or even dislikes as a child.

  16. Where on earth did you get that shirt...I'd LOVE to find it for my 16 month old!!! What a great post on things he loves at this stage of life! always seems as if we'll never forget, but as time passes, so do those precious memories. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your little Spider!


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