Monday, April 5, 2010

Waffle Sandwiches and Blue Milk

It's Not Me! Monday (a blog carnival created by MckMama; you can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing - but really have!)

This past week I was NOT too lazy to make homemade bagels or bread and too stubborn to go to the store to buy any since those are items on the list of things I no longer buy pre-made, so when it came time to pack lunch for my 1st grader I certainly did NOT toast a frozen waffle, spread it with Nutella, and consider it a sandwich! NOT ME!!

And on the subject of strange food, for an April Fool's joke on my kids, I did NOT turn the milk in the jug blue with food coloring and then pour it in their cups for dinner!

My kids actually loved it that way and drank all their milk that night! I'm NOT considering coloring the milk more often!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. My Grandkids love Nutella and my DIL uses it all the time...I have never tried it. Knowing me though it would probably just be another thing I love and have to avoid, haha...I'm sure the blue milk was fun and went over big. Good idea. And soo many possibilities. Just on Halloween, red on Christmas, green on St. Patty's, etc. haha Have a good day.

  2. We dye milk and water all of the time. It is requested at lunch and dinner. I don't mind it one bit, so I gladly accommodate.

  3. ooo, that sandwich looks yummy, lol. I would totally NOT eat that :-). Haha, that's awesome that they loved the colored milk :-)

  4. Ha! Blue it!

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