Thursday, April 15, 2010

The post that will leave you wishing you were my child!

Recently upon exiting a bathroom in my own home, I could be overheard saying:

"You must raise the seat when you go pee-pee, every time! Your sister and I and your future wife and pretty much any girl you will ever meet DO NOT LIKE SITTING DOWN ON PEE!"

to my 7 year old!

Sigh, the civilization process is long.

But, on a positive note, I have successfully trained him to put on his white underwear to go under his white baseball pants!

He will thank me someday for this wisdom! Okay, not really, but when he comes up to bat and bends over a little with his elbow up and bat back, all the parents in the 3rd base bleachers sure do!


My 4 year old daughter had a playdate at her friend Caroline's house this week and when I got there to pick her up Caroline's mom told me that my daughter had said she didn't ever want to go home, she wanted to live there forever. I questioned my daughter later and she confirmed that yes, it was true, she really did want to live at Caroline's house. "Why?" I asked. "What is it about Caroline's house that makes it so much better than ours?"

Her answer: "She has Littlest Pet Shops and a Zhu Zhu Pet."

So, there you go. My daughter's loyalties can totally be bought for the price of cheap-looking fake animals!

I told my husband the story and at dinner that night he questioned her further, "You were just joking, right? You don't really want to live at Caroline's house, do you?" She assured him she really did.

So don't think the last couple of days haven't gone like this:

Me: "You really like this Strawberry Shortcake book, right?" as I'm reading it to her.
My daughter: "Yes!"
Me: "Does Caroline have a Strawberry Shortcake book?"
My daughter: "No."
Me: "Well, wouldn't you miss your Strawberry Shortcake book if you lived at Caroline's house?"

And today when we were playing Bristle blocks and I'd built this stellar bridge

but she wanted more "big pieces" for the farm she was building. I dismantled my bridge to give her one of my big pieces and really couldn't resist the urge to say:
"I bet Caroline's mommy wouldn't do that for you."

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  1. I learned a long time ago to wear the right colored briefs under the uniform. And ya know what? Just train him to sit down to pee. It works.

  2. Kids: you give them life, and then they stab you right in the heart!

  3. Oh YOU are cracking me UP! You'll be happy to know that I would have done the EXACT same thing. I could have written this post had it happened to me! LOL!
    Thanks for the giggles this morning my friend.

  4. LOL! Too funny! I know a couple of times when my son or daughter in the past has said something of wanting to live at so and so's house. Need to use some of your lines... :D

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Too funny! Does Caroline's mom read your blog?!

  6. I loved this!! What is it about those innocent comments that strike to the heart??? I'm with you though... Caroline's mommy would not have parted with her big blocks! You are THE MOM!!

    Wonderful training with the baseball pants, I've been there, done that...everyone got a peek at Batman at the ball game!!

    Have a blessed weekend.

  7. I've had my kids actually hide when it's time to come home from a playdate or sleepover. But then I've also had other people's kids do the same here, so I guess at least someone appreciates my home!

    Happy FF :-)

  8. Oh I love that second precious. As Moms, we even need assurance that our little ones WANT us over anyone else. :) So cute. :)

  9. haha I LOVED this, like so many other of your posts. They just so frequently take me back to memories that I love to think about from time to time....Oh those white baseball pants...such a problem they were, haha...and with 3 little boys I generally had pee all over the bathroom. I was actually pleased when it at least somewhat hit the actual toilet, seat or not. I can remember warning my daughter ALWAYS check the seat BEFORE you sit down...boys can be soo gross, haha. And that final story? haha How we can all relate. Whenever my daughter would say such a thing to me (and she most definitely did) it could actually cause me to stew and silly looking back on it. Have a wonderful week-end...

  10. Oh I remember those days when sitting down on wet seat! My little boy is now finally got the idea!

  11. Oh my gosh - hilarious! I try to tell my kids I'm a pretty good mommy and we've got a pretty good set up at our house too.... but somehow the grass is always greener over somewhere else!

  12. ha!!

    And oh, how I hate standing up (never notice it until I stand up) and discovering a wet heinie.

    My suggestion for his punishment: push ups. Just started this. Shep is going to be SO BUFF if he does not learn to say yes ma'am.

    Hey congrats on winning the gift card!! whoo hoo!

  13. Oh my gosh, a couple of years ago, my daughter wanted to move in with a friend for the same reason- those dang Littlest Petshop creatures!

    Several months later, my daughter learned the girl wasn't so nice, Littlest Petshop or not!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. We've gotten to where we charge our 9-year-old a dollar if he pees on the seat. Good grief! That will work for several months until he has a relapse...

  15. You're so funny... Love the white undies under the bb pants :)


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