Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Shortage of "Not Me" Moments!

Oh, where to begin on this Not Me, Monday? (Not Me! Monday is a blog carnival created by MckMama; you can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing - but really have!).

**Hint: If you get confused, just remove the words in my post that are in all caps and you'll know the truth!**

It was NOT me who found myself in a sea of 1st graders for most of the day last Wednesday as a field trip chaperone. I have NOT decided if I had to teach elementary school 1st grade would be the grade to teach. Seriously, they were delightful -- old enough to lineup without much fuss and go to the bathroom by themselves, but not so old that they have attitudes, yet! And, one darling little boy (who wasn't even my own son) held my hand a few times just because he wanted to -- so sweet! But, I was NOT kinda sad at one point when I realized that in all the 1st grade girls, not a one had a bow in her hair, just hair bands and the occasional barrette! I have planned to be putting bows in my now 4 year old daughter's hair way beyond 1st grade and am NOT a little afraid that now I won't be getting away with that!

I did NOT have to put 4 bows in her hair today to really get in my fill now, while I can!

It was NOT me who watched my toddler perform in his Bible study musical with just the slightest bit of horror as he began the show by jumping off the step he was standing on and roaring at the crowd.

(I'll pause while you let that image really sink in.)

Then he proceeded to climb on and off the stage throughout his group's singing, nearly knocking over some of his fellow 2 and 3 year olds in the process! When it was over they asked the parents to come up to the stage to get their little ones before the older kids performed and it was NOT my husband who whispered to me, "You go. I'm not claiming him!" I did NOT have a friend tell me later she thought my son was so cute and the whole thing was so funny that I really needed a copy of her video so we could laugh at it years from now! "Yeah, YEARS from now!" I replied.

I did NOT spend a good part of Saturday watching my daughter be spit out of this caterpillar, over and over!

And Saturday night we did NOT sleep in a park near our house along with 100 of our neighbors!


  1. haha Enjoyed this as always. I found with my daughter that "bows" were not acceptable past a certain age (surely it was older than first grade?) but then ribbons were (if they just danggled) ~ go figure....and as for the roaring toddler, haha...I had a son like that (now the minister) and his son is now walking in those shoes. Just such a wonderful personality type...ENJOY it...He will be a leader. HUGS, Debbie

  2. I have been enjoying your blog for a few months and just had to comment on First grade. I teach this grade and you are right, there is nothing like it. :)

  3. My daughter is 10 and bless her heart, still lets me put bows and do dads in her hair! :) Loved the blog today!

  4. LOVE the red bows in your daughter's hair!!! So pretty.


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