Thursday, April 22, 2010

She made me jump!

My daughter came home from preschool the other day with this envelope, the same type she often brings home crafts and creations in, so I expected another piece of construction paper that had been folded numerous times to fit into an envelope with random marker letters printed on it and various brightly colored pictures.

As we walked out of school, I casually asked her what was in the envelope, she said, "Ladybugs." And still, that was not unusual. My daughter was often creating creatures out of paper at preschool. My favorite was the plastic cup full of "grub worms" which were really several small strips of paper!

So, I expected some paper ladybugs, maybe with some black and red marker drawn spots.

You can imagine my surprise when we got out to the car and I opened the envelope to find this:
A real live ladybug! (Apparently its friend had escaped or I'd have found two real live ladybugs!) She caught them on the playground during recess. Her friend Caroline helped her get them in the envelope!

After she held it my daughter agreed to a ladybug release in the backyard.

Bye, bye ladybug!

I'll never look the same at those envelopes she brings home from preschool!

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  1. Oh that is too funny. I'd be a little cautious from here on our though. LOL!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Too funny. Why did they send ladybugs home?

  3. wow! What an interesting thing to send home.

  4. Haha! Good thing you checked! And glad you could release the ladybug and not throw it out with the trash. ;)

  5. How adorable was that? It made my heart smile. That's why I LOVE your blog. Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS

  6. Too funny! I love that you caught this memory in a picture!

  7. That is so cute! Thanks for sharing. :)


  8. LOL!!! Kids just crack me up...

    It's a neat memory to have captured though!

  9. Wonderful! I would never have expected that either!

  10. Oh, wow! What else will she be bringing home?! :D

  11. How cute! My daughter loves lady bugs because they are he only "mommy acceptable" bug, and they are kinda cute.

  12. Very funny, but how cool is that?! My girls and I love ladybugs.

  13. That is too funny. I would have been surprised too. :)


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