Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Day of "Get To"

I'm not going to lie, today I woke up not excited about the day's agenda.  Make 3 lunches, Get 3 kids off to elementary school (at 2 different times due to 10 year old's safety patrol duty), change sheets, start wash, exercise, take the car for an oil change/entertain Little Girl in the waiting area, grocery shop with Little Girl, unload/put away groceries, feed her lunch, pick up the 7 year old early at school and take her for an allergy shot (again with Little Girl in tow), then pick up the boys at school and quick feed everyone a snack before swim team practice for the oldest 3, getting home just in time to fix dinner during time kids are typically whinest and most demanding.

It wasn't hugely busier than a typical day but I think it was just one too many not so fun activities crammed in for my taste, and I'm still adjusting to having Little Girl with me all day every day as this is her first week without her 2 mornings per week preschool.  I love her spunk and energy but it can be exhausting to parent and those 6 hours each week sure were nice to get things done without all the drama that comes with Little Girl!

But, even if I knew where it was coming from, I quickly got annoyed with my own bad attitude and prayed for God to help me feel more positive about the day.  Then I decided to take a bit of my own medicine, when the kids complain, "Why do I HAVE to . . ."  I always reply like this, "Oh Sweetie, it's not HAVE to, it's GET to!  You GET to take a bath!  Think how good you'll feel when you're all clean!" or "You GET to take a nap.  I wish I could take a nap!"

It worked!  I DID feel more positive about the day.

I GOT to take these 3 grocery shopping with me - Little Girl with Pinky and Beary (feel free to admire her CREATIVE names for her pink dog and stuffed bear)

Just think how many women in the world don't even have enough food to feed their children and I have an entire grocery store's worth of selection!

We picked up big sister early at school to head to the allergist complete with a visit to the treasure chest and left with extra large green glasses!

Every day is better with extra large green glasses and little girls giggling and asking over and over "Why is your hair green?  Why is my hand green?  Etc.  Etc." 

It IS a privilege to have special girl time with my 2 favorite girls!  We even managed to make it out of the allergist with time to stop by Sonic for chocolate shakes for the girls and a Coke Zero for me (I know I gave it up, but this was a special occasion!)

The girls had fun spinning in their matching dresses that I scored for cheap at Costco a couple months ago:

And after swim team practice (hence the 10 year old's sporting of a swim suit with his polo shirt),  I was making dinner and looked out the window to the cutest basketball game going on between my 4 year old daughter and 10 year old son.  They played for a long time, were BOTH having fun and I'm betting if Little Girl ever gets on a team with girls her own age she'll dominate after all the practice with her biggest brother!

It turned out to be a fine day.  I got a lot done, enjoyed my people along the way, and am so thankful I GET to live this life!

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  1. It's amazing how a positive attitude can change your whole day. I love those cute little dresses! So perfect for twirling in. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. I remember those days, different pace now in our retirement.
    Great photos, and the girls look very happy in their unusual green glasses. Love the dresses.

  3. The next time I'm dreading the events of any day, I'm going to follow your lead and approach it as I GET to do such-and-such. :) Sounds like your day turned out to be an amazing one! And both girls are so stinkin' ADORABLE! :)

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