Thursday, May 9, 2013

Motherhood: It's a Glamorous Life!

It's Mother's Day weekend and I want to give a huge Thank you and pat on the back to all moms!  In honor of the occasion, I'm celebrating the glamorous life of motherhood! 

Have you ever been to Disney with kids?  Well, if you have then you know all about the character dining.  I mean, they are THE thing to schedule at least 6 months in advance of your visit.  We did Disney once years ago and had 2 character meals, one dinner with princesses and a breakfast with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch, etc.  

But, I have a friend that goes regularly and is an expert on the character dining.  I think they do each and every meal for an entire week with a character!  Honestly with all the hype, the stress of scheduling the meals in advance and the cost, I can't help screaming inside my head -- FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!  Which is why we haven't been back to Disney.

I have a point to all this, I promise.  
This week I got to have a private breakfast with Princess Belle right in my own dining room FOR FREE!

Then I got to take Princess Belle to swim lessons and to Target!  She even went with me to the elementary school to pick up the big kids and was quite the hit!  I know!  I AM blessed, not everyone gets to spend their day with Princess Belle!


As if that weren't cool enough, this week I had my driveway illustrated by 3 talented artists!

Not everyone gets to drive over original works of art!


Then I had these happy guys popping up all over the house:

You can't help but smile with them around!


Because we don't watch much TV/don't have cable, I haven't ridden the cooking show bandwagon.  But, the one show I saw years ago, the cook had a challenge of creating gourmet box lunches for a bunch of construction workers.  

Well, this week I got to create a grand total of 16 lunchbox lunches (5 each for my 3 oldest kids and 1 preschool lunch for Little Girl) from whole ingredients - no prepackaged fake food, yet still things my kids would eat!  All while remembering who likes white cheese and who likes yellow and who is allergic to peanut butter and who is "so tired of sandwiches" and who doesn't like bananas and who doesn't like to eat any kind of pasta cold except "Cold Pasta"!

Iron Chef, I dare you to try tackling a typical day-in-the-life of a mom and the meal preparations that go on!


Motherhood, it is a glamorous life!  And I haven't even touched on the potty training phase!

Truly, it is the messiest, hardest, most frustrating job on the planet, but also the most beautiful, most rewarding, best job ever!

Happy Mother's Day!  Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Fabulous! I miss chalk art in my driveway and princesses at my breakfast table. Have a happy Mother's Day!

  2. Look at you dining and going to Target with royalty! :) She's such a cutie!

    And I love the driveway art - I can't wait for the weather to cooperate so Princess Nagger and Little Dude can 'pretty up' our driveway now that we actually have one that isn't gravel. :)

    You GO on the lunch expertise - no way can Iron Chef compete with all those details! :)

    Have a great weekend - and Happy Mother's Day! :)

    Orphan Black Phenomenon, Princess Nagger’s Artistic Mad Skillz, Office Supply Art Fun

  3. Potty training stinks!!! I hate it :-( The 5th child blew me away by potty training himself. It was a huge blessing.

    I actually wrote a post about those 'first world problems'. I had a friend and a sister call me out on them. It was humbling but I am glad they reminded me that I really don't have it that bad!

  4. You might have Princess Belle but I had the pleasure of taking SpongeBob SquarePants to boating school with Mrs Puff today (kindergarten his teacher).

  5. Princess Belle---such a beauty. And I'll bet she uses her powers only for good.

    I've done a lot of stuff, but nothing has given me the lasting satisfaction of motherhood. No other job was even a fraction as important or fulfilling, or exhausting.

  6. Oh yes. First world problems. I know that many people in Latin America sometimes use the term, Disneylandia, to describe the entire country of the United States. To them, it's totally a dreamland.

  7. To a VERY blessed mommy indeed...Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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