Thursday, May 30, 2013

The queen's visit, Tony Nails, Kazoos, and the Elusive Green Shirt

My kids told me one evening this week that the queen was coming!  They were very excited and I had no idea what to expect -- Queen Elizabeth lives a long way away, so I was fairly certain it wasn't THAT queen and good thing because the house was a wee bit messy!

I give you my 7 year old queen:

I will miss scenes like that some day.  So I'm telling my daughters that even when they are grown-ups they need to show up in my kitchen from time to time wearing a princess dress and butterfly wings!


My 4 year old Little Girl loves for me to paint her toe nails, only she calls them tony nails.  I think it is so cute and shush her older siblings when they try to correct her!

Notice the yellow kazoo in Little Girl's mouth in the above picture?  The 10 year old won a few small prizes from school for reading achievements and one prize was a 4 pack of kazoos.  At first I was really touched by his generosity when he came home from school, opened the package and gave one to each of his siblings, keeping only one for himself!

But I only had half a second to soak up the generous gesture.  Because then I was overwhelmed with the sounds of 4 children playing kazoos.  Loudly.  For what felt like forever.  And now 3 days later those kazoos are the gift that keeps on giving!


Amid all the other end-of-school-year crazy, I spent a solid 30 minutes last night searching for a green team field day shirt that my 2nd grader needed to wear to school today for the pep rally and again tomorrow for field day (I guess they are counting on stinky kids or moms washing in between?). I found my 4th grader's white team field day shirt, no problem, and even the kindergartener's shirt, but I could not find that 2nd grader's green team shirt!

I searched all 4 kids' hanging clothes and dresser drawers in case it got put away wrong, the dirty clothes hamper, the laundry basket of clean clothes waiting to be folded, even under the beds. You would not believe just exactly how many green kid t-shirts I found (I truly lost count) but none were the RIGHT green t-shirt.

 I could literally feel my hair getting grayer as I searched and then searched every place over again! My husband was all, "Just let her wear any of those green t-shirts, it doesn't matter if it's not the 2013 Green Team Field Day one!" Deep in my mind I knew he was right that I should let it go (I mean, HELLO first world problems!), but I couldn't.

I FINALLY found it. In the bin of dress-up clothes! Because, OF COURSE, why wouldn't it be there?!! I'm suspecting a certain 4 year old was cleaning and gathered random clothes from the floor and tossed them all in the dress-up bin.


Only 5 more days left of school and next Thursday, the last day is a half day!!!!!  Y'all, we just might make it through!  Happy Friday!


  1. That's such a cute picture! Yes, I would like my (past teen) girls to don butterfly wings and flit around the kitchen for a few minutes. I think I'd cry.

  2. That's nice you found the right t-shirt--I still haven't found my missing blue summer dress. The queen is beautiful!

  3. The end of the school year always seems to accelerate things. I too like when small kids get is slightly wrong. It is fun.

  4. Love the beautiful queen. And I see your little girl is growing up (I frag only in the summer so I see the changes in her from last summer).

  5. How cool you were blessed to be in the presence of such cute royalty! :)

    I've done the same stressful search mode for Princess Nagger's school shirt - I always find those things in the very last place I look. How funny that shirt was in the dress-up bin! :)

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