Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coming Soon: Summer 2013

Our summer officially starts next Thursday when school is FINALLY out for my oldest 3 kids.  And I can't wait!

The plans?

1 week of VBS at our church, 1 week at our favorite spot in Florida, and a 1 week mission trip to the Dominican Republic for my oldest 2 kids, my husband, and me (the littles will stay with Nana and Papa).

BUT, other than those week-long things and swim team practice and meets during the month of June, we have a lot of BIG plans like:

- days of wearing our pajamas ALL DAY LONG and not getting in the car once!

- blueberry picking!  Followed by blueberry pancakes for dinner!

- checking out tons of books from the library and seeing just how many we can read this summer

- letting each of my oldest 2 kids take a night of dinner each week and cook it with me assisting

- teaching the 10 year old to do wash!

- visiting our children's museum, the zoo, the pool, the SeaWorld waterpark, the pediatrician (for those overdue well-child visits!)

- organizing the kid closets and rooms

- having our annual family "Outdoor Day"

- letting my kids practice their typing and Bible verses with scripturetyper.com

- reading chapter books outloud (my 10 year old is lobbying for the Narnia books)

- working on handwriting practice for all the kids (I bought these workbooks)

- helping my kids write and illustrate their own books (using these: Create Your own 3 bitty books)

- sewing with my 7 year old daughter

- Doing this fun idea I found on Pinterest - save Batman and Robin by melting Mr. Freeze's ice with water guns!

- And this idea for Scrap Fabric Paper Dolls (I certainly have a ton of scrap fabric!):

- Making a lot of homemade ice cream and popsicles

- Creating elaborate Lego creations

- Family game nights and family movie nights (complete with popcorn)

- Re-discovering the joy that is shopping with 4 kids!

Yes, that is one of my children reading on the bottom tier of the cart.  If you happen to run into us in the Target this summer, feel free to point and laugh!

There you go, 18 ideas for summer.  If you want even more ideas, here's a link to my 2009 Summer Fun List with 36 items.

Apparently the 2009 version of me is way more ambitious than the 2013 me!

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