Monday, May 6, 2013

We have not forgotten . . .

As we celebrate the wonder of every day, ordinary, blessed life in America with our 4 children, including our Little Girl adopted from Ethiopia 16 months ago, we always remember the faces of those we left behind.  The children of Ethiopia that we met, fell in love with, ached over the hardships they endure, and marveled at their ability to have joy even in the midst of terrible circumstances!

We have been involved in the work of a few different organizations to help these children, but recently we began something new.  Something we are really excited about!  I'll share the details soon, and a way you can help, too, change the lives of Ethiopian children.

When we look at the faces of those precious children and then into the face of our Little Girl, we cannot help the realization that they could be our sons and daughters.  They are God's children! 

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