Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Legos, Legos Everywhere!

Last weekend we went to a Lego Kids' Fest.  I've never seen so many legos before in my life!  I didn't intentionally steal a lego, but when I got home, there was a stray yellow lego that managed to find it's way into my purse!

Lightning McQueen made entirely of lego:

Little Girl buried in lego:

 The Monochromatic build area was my favorite.  Maybe because it appealed to my inner organizer?  A never ending supply of lego pieces, all the same color and size -- free to build whatever your imagination dreams up!

I just love that big ole' tub of legos!

Things other people built:

Reading books about legos:

There was tons more to do, I just didn't get pictures of all of it.  I was too busy counting my children!  It was pretty crowded!  BUT, I have to say having the boys dressed alike and the girls dressed alike and not just a solid color, but a bold stripe, really helped me keep track of my kids in the crowd -- I could always spot them!

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