Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Sign Your Child Might Be A Math Person

This happened three and a half years ago, but something today reminded me of this story, so I had to dig it up.  (And that 7 year old is now 11 and STILL a math person, although thankfully he does love to read, too, but spelling and handwriting are NOT his strong points!)

Originally published October 12, 2010:

You don't have to interact with people for very long in this life to realize there are people that are math people and people that are not.

For math people, math comes easy, they enjoy manipulating numbers, and they see life as a series of mathematical equations.

I believe my 7 year old may be a math person.

Actually I'm absolutely convinced my 7 year old son is a math person!

I've had several clues throughout these past 7 years to lead me to that conclusion.

Clues like him insisting that I tell him exactly
how many toys to clean up, rather than just telling him to clean his room.

Clues like, him asking me, "What is the percentage between zero and one hundred chance that someone would throw up if they went swimming after drinking Sprite?"

Yeah, you try answering that question!

But, my most powerful clue that my oldest child is a math person came just recently as I watched him practicing some of the spelling words he'd had trouble with when I was quizzing him. This is what he wrote:

To my son "watch" is not spelled watch, it is "catch - c + w = watch"

and chalk?

Of course! "ch + all - l + k = chalk"

That's perfectly normal logic,

For a math person!!!!

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