Monday, March 31, 2014

When There is Sword Fighting In Your Kitchen

There have been several things lately that people have wanted me to do and I have had to apologize and say I just couldn't due to an obligation with my children.  But, a mantra I've now begun even saying out loud to these requests is this, "It is a short season, this life with young kids who need me so much.  It won't always be this way."

And it's true, even next year will be very different with Little Girl in big school!  

So, for now?  Many! Of! The! Things! I just will not do.  I'm enjoying this season, being present in the now that will not always be.

I was working on some dinner just tonight and there was a real life sword fight right there in my kitchen!

I could have insisted it was too much mayhem for a kitchen of all places!  But, instead I stopped chopping potatoes to watch and snap some pictures, because this season of sword fights in my kitchen is short.

 (The facial expressions are my favorite part!)

It is a short season, right?  The sword fighting in my kitchen?  They will not grow up and still be sword fighting in my kitchen as 6 foot tall men, right?  RIGHT???

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  1. Normally I would say you are correct, the season will be short. However, my 6'5" son still has sword fights in any room he pleases. Of course, he is married and has them with his own son, and his "little" 16 year old brother. In fact, we have family sword fights with empty wrapping paper tubes during family gatherings. So, your sword fights are not going to end soon, but they are glorious to watch AND participate in. Sorry to burst your bubble.


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