Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our L.A. Trip - The Outtakes

In the airport on our way to L.A. last week, the kids were so entertained by the moving sidewalks that I joked, "No need to go to Disneyland now, this is all the excitement we need!" 


In perhaps the epitome of my frugal tendencies, I may or may not have had my daughters bring the stuffed Mickey and Pluto we already had at home with us on the trip, to ward off them asking to buy more stuffed Plutos and Mickeys in Disneyland!

Instead we ended up with a bow and arrow set from Brave (the 8 year old's choice) and a Minnie Mouse set that included a little Minnie and various outfits you can dress her in (the 5 year old's choic).  But, I was successful in limiting the kids to the rule of "We will spend $25 on each of you for souvenirs on this trip, so choose wisely!"  The $25 part worked out, but not sure about the wisely, the boys came home with action figures and realistic toy swords.  I didn't realize we were bringing back an arsenal of weapons with the 2 swords and the bow and arrow set until I was packing the luggage for the flight home -- "Hmmm, maybe this stuff needs to go in the checked bags!"


Do you know what happens when your husband cannot handle rides that go 'round and 'round in a circle?

You find yourself crammed into one flying elephant with the 2 youngest of your children that need to be accompanied by an adult on the ride.  (That is a picture I took of us with my cell phone, hence the up-close view.)  There was no extra space in that elephant, I tell you!

The 8 year old enjoying an elephant all to herself:


The weather was gorgeous the whole time we were in California, but the smog in L.A. was terrible and had me happy for where we live even with our rainy days and our muggy days, at least we don't have that kind of smog!!

Please notice the smog in the background of the picture of my kids on Mulholland Dr. and not the sign next to them that clearly reads, "NO parking, stopping, standing any time"

We are rule followers if nothing else!


Last, the look on my older daughter's face in this picture of my kids with Mickey Mouse cracks me up and reminds me of McKayla Marone's "Not impressed" face at the last summer Olympics.


Happy Friday! 
Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. Love your pictures today. Looks like a great time.

  2. Moving sidewalks entertain children of all ages.

  3. Great pictures and I am with your husband on the sidelines when it comes to rides. Someone has to hold the bags, Right?

  4. So cute! Makes me miss those years... we are going to Disneyland in May after the youngest graduates from college! I think it will be more fun than when we went the times they were young. I'm hoping anyway. :)
    When we went on vacation when they were young, the hubby would give them a souvenir budget then tell them that whatever leftover money they came home with, he would double. It did make them think twice about spending it. I did not enjoy that rule. Ha.

  5. Looks like it was a bit chilly there! We have friends who went to Florida for spring break and barely got out of long sleeves but one day; I guess it's cool on both sides of the country.

    I'm totally with your hubs on the dizzifying rides--I don't handle them well, either!

    Have a wonderful trip!!


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