Monday, March 17, 2014

The Blessing of Nothing Unusual at the Dentist With Four Kids!

I survived taking all 4 kids to the dentist today for cleanings and check-ups!    Four kids and NO cavities -- hooray!  And not even a meltdown!  We have come a long way, that is for sure!

Something that struck me later is just how normal it is to me now, having these 4 kids.  When Little Girl first came home, and really for at least a year after, I told pretty much everyone we met that we adopted her from Ethiopia.  I was self-conscious about people staring at us and the fact that we look different and just felt like I should address everyone's wondering and settle the issue about why I, a white woman, have a black child.

But, now after 2 years, I find myself not telling people so often and not because it's something I don't want to share, it's just I don't think to share it as much.  To me, now, these just are my 4 kids, and honestly sometimes I forget there is anything unusual about it!

Today we had a new dental hygienist, someone we'd never met before.  She cleaned all 4 kids' teeth.   I sat right by the exam chair with Little Girl on my lap while the older 3 kids had their teeth cleaned and never thought to explain anything.  It wasn't until an hour and 45 minutes into the deal (yes, that is how long it takes to take 4 kids to the dentist complete with x-rays, cleanings, consults with the dentist, and 2 re-applied sealants) as we were leaving and I was gathering up my children, that it even occurred to me that someone might see my group as odd!

These are just the children whom God has graciously given me! - Genesis 33:5

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  1. I totally understand!! I was the same way the first year or so that Amani came home. I somehow managed to drop "he's adopted from Ethiopia" into every conversation and was so acutely aware of being out and about with my kids. I love how normalcy finally catches up with us. :)


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