Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Best Gift For Kids Who Love To Build

Christmas was over two months ago, so which toys are your kids still playing with?

We have a clear winner at our house from this past Christmas.  It was a gift my husband and I got for our 6 year old son who loves to build.  Of course he LOVES legos but we have many of those and I wanted something different and did a bunch of research on the Internet and came across Kapla Blocks.   I liked the concept of many solid wood planks all the same size to build with and hoped my little builder would like them, too.  Sure enough!  This toy has gotten played with a ton since Christmas by all 4 of my kids and I can see it entertaining them for years!  We started out with the 200 blocks set, but may add to it with another set for the 6 year old's birthday because he does sometimes want to build something bigger than our number of blocks allows.

Some pictures of the Kapla blocks in action:

Each plank is the exact same size so it is pretty easy to build towers and structures since the blocks stack so nicely.

Here the Kapla Blocks and the Legos are playing together!

 I loved the Lego guys sleeping in the side of that building!

There is no end to the creative possibilities!

(Please ignore the flour all over my pants in that picture!  It was Christmas morning and we always make homemade doughnuts!)

These blocks are a bit pricey, especially when you think they are just small, wood planks.  But, they are real wood, precisely cut, and perfectly sanded.  Also, I feel better spending money on something like this than a plastic toy that will break.  God willing, my grandchildren could be playing with these Kapla blocks some day!  The other thing that is great about this toy is that you as an adult will enjoy playing with it with your children.

****Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate and will receive a small portion from the sale should you make a purchase with one of my links, but I have not been compensated to endorse or review Kapla Blocks.  I only recommend products we truly love and use in our home.****

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