Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rodeo Fun, Pet Ants, and Barry Manilow all in the same week!

 It's rodeo time in our town!

There is a midway with games and rides at the rodeo and we went early enough in the day last Saturday that hardly anyone was playing the games, so you had a lot higher odds of winning at some of them where you compete against other players.  The kids were thrilled they actually won fairly large stuffed animals and with just playing a couple times!


In other news from the week, we had some ants making their way into the house.  My 8 year old daughter discovered them covering a windowsill, upstairs of all places!  She was horrified that they might get on the toys that also live upstairs nearby the window where the ants were squeezing through.  So there was a lot of drama from her and I ended up calling our pest control company right then and scheduling a re-spraying just to satisfy my daughter.  Once the 8 year old calmed down, I went back downstairs to work on dinner.  A bit later there was more squealing of "MOM!!!" from the playroom and I thought, "She needs to get over this, they are just a few little ants!"  But, then I realized now the commotion was excited shouting this time, the 8 year old had successfully caught two ants in a Ziploc bag!  "Look, my new pets!" she gleefully told me.

I'm glad the ants could at least provide some entertainment while they were here!  Also I'm glad those ants did not survive long in that Ziploc and Jim - why, yes, I am on a first name basis with my pest control man - was out today to treat for the ants!


Do you use Spotify?  It's free Internet music and they have pretty much any song (or at least every song I've thought to search for) and you can create your own playlists all for free ('course you do hear commercials every now and then).  I've used Pandora for a while, but Spotify is fun for finding a specific song or album you really want to hear.


However you listen to music, what songs would you never admit to listening to?  And of course I'm asking you to admit them here, publicly!  My guilty pleasure?  Barry Manilow!  You know, "I Can't Smile Without You" and "Even Now" and "I Write the Songs" and, of course, "Mandy"?!!

My husband is quite the music guy and he hates Barry Manilow, and will probably be embarrassed FOR ME that I've admitted to the world that sometimes I listen to Barry Manilow!  I blame one of my old college roommates.  Well, she wasn't technically our roommate, but she was at our apartment enough that my roommate and I adopted her as a roommate  She lived in the sorority house and, you understand, a girl just needs to get away from that place quite a bit!  Anyway, she loved Barry and converted me!  My husband and I have been married almost 15 years and it still amazes me that he married me after finding my mix tape collection!

Well, my husband was out of town one night this week, so it was Barry Manilow from Spotify for an hour while I worked on some things.  I don't like my husband to travel, but I have to say it was a little awesome to listen without anybody making fun of me or walking in and pretending to die from the Barry Manilow!


May your weekend bring all manner of blessings, although not everyone can have rodeo stuffed animals, pet ants, and Barry Manilow!  Just setting some expectations!

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. This will date me, but I love Karen Carpenter and Barry White. I don't appreciate his words, but his voice, wow!

  2. I think Barry Manilow is one of those singers everyone secretly likes, or at least knows all the words to his songs. I like Weekend in New England and Mandy and probably more. Enjoy your weekend, and may it be pest-free!

  3. Copacabana was on constant replay on my album when I was young. It was one of the first ones I ever bought. I wore it out.

  4. If we are giving up our secret music crushes I will have to admit to Peter Noone of Herman Hermits.

  5. At least ant pets don't eat a lot.
    I can take Barry in small doses as long as I don't also have to look at him and his messed-up plastic surgery.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend


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