Thursday, March 6, 2014

At least there is not a toilet paper shortage!

 I've started ordering our toilet paper in bulk from because I save 20% and the more I can have delivered, the fewer errands I have to run. 

A big box arrived today and the kids were wondering what was inside.  As I was opening the box and saw the contents, I started cheering that it was really exciting.  Then I finally announced that it was TOILET PAPER!!!

My 8 year old daughter said that wasn't very exciting, to which I replied, "If there was a toilet paper shortage and you had to do without toilet paper for a few weeks and then suddenly a big box of toilet paper was delivered to your front door, you'd be excited!!

She was, however, excited about the box.  "Look, Mom, I'm a robot!"


My oldest child is very disorganized and messy.  He's super smart and tested as post high school in many areas of standardized testing last year as a 4th grader, but finding his work and keeping up with his stuff are often his biggest challenges at school.  He's in 5th grade now and will move to middle school next year and have to manage 8 different classes with moving classrooms each period.  In preparation, my husband and I have been coaching the boy quite a bit on some organization strategies to use this year while he's still in the comfort of elementary school, so you know, middle school doesn't eat him alive! 
After the Christmas break I even sat down with my 10 year old and went through his school binder that also has a file section.  We cleaned everything out, set up a tab for each subject, even created a special section for things that were to be turned in at school so he'd be able to find his homework fast when the teacher asked for it.  Then we've even had him maintain the system by filling loose papers once every week or so.

Today I sat with the kids as they had snack and started homework, the 5th grader unzipped his school binder and this is what I saw:

Clearly, all the organization lessons have paid off.  Not!  We need an intervention and some remedial help and probably I'm going to need some different stress management strategies to survive that child attending middle school next year!


The past 2 years in a row our spring break has been the week right after the spring forward time change, which was so nice because when the kids woke up at their usual 7am, it was really 8 am and I got to sleep in all spring break, but this year we still have another week of school before spring break arrives, so I'm totally going to miss out on all the sleeping in days post time change and instead I'm going to be serving 4 breakfasts and making 3 lunches at what is the equivalent of 6am every day next week!!


I do like the spring forward, overall, though.  I am much more productive in the evenings when it stays light later.  When it gets dark early and it's cold, I just want to curl up under a warm blanket!


Happy Spring Forward, y'all.

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. We are not looking forward to "springing ahead" this year either. My elderly parents are moving on Saturday and it will only add to their disorientation.

  2. I would be excited about getting a box of toilet paper too! :)

    I have mixed feelings about the time change. I love that the days are longer and hoping the weather will warm up but those first few weeks, always throws me off.

  3. That notebook would stress me a little too : ) Is he able to find his work/assignements or is not finding his assignments a problem? When I taught school I told students they could use their own (in my opinion sloppy and disorganized) system so long as they could lay their hands on anything I asked for in less than a minute. If not, they had to do it my way.

    I'm excited for more daylight, but dread the alarm on Monday. Once I'm used to it, I'll be glad for less darkness. It's time!

  4. In reading that comment back it sounds a little like I was saying your son's system is sloppy and disorganized, and I wasn't. I was referring to my students : ) Have a nice weekend!

    1. Oh no, his system IS sloppy and disorganized! And he IS having trouble finding assignments. Problem is he is my most strong-willed child and has to learn everything the hard way, he doesn't yet really believe what I'm telling him about the steps needed to maintain the organized system we created for his binder! We are forcing him to clean it out and file stuff once a week, but I think now after the mess I found mid-week, we'll have to move it to twice a week!

  5. Our break is the same week as yours! I'm sooo ready for it!
    Your oldest sounds JUST LIKE our middle son. I have no idea how he's getting through college, but I guess he's learned to cope with his un-organization (if that's a word!)!!! There's hope!

  6. LOL @ the TP robot, that is really cute. Oh I feel for you, raising a gifted child comes with it's very own set of challenges. Both of my boys tested way beyond their physical years and they both struggled with organization and were socially awkward. The oldest got into team sports in middle school and that really helped him as far as the social aspect but the organization didn't fully come to him until he joined the Navy. As for the younger son it wasn't until he got into college that he finally realized the importance of organization and socialization. I wish you and your son all the best, and don't worry he will find a way that works for him.


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