Monday, February 23, 2009

And Then He Was Six

Dear Beloved Firstborn Son on your 6th birthday,
Watching you grow up has been one of the greatest blessings of my life! These six years have passed so quickly. You are one-third of the way to eighteen and there is so much I want to say to you, to teach you, to do with you before then!

You are so smart and strong-willed. You love to be in charge and have to be often reminded that you are not the boss! You are a great challenge and a great joy all in one! Although your spirit must be reined in, I am glad it is there and know that if we can channel it for good, God is going to use it for some awesome things!

You are always in a good mood, which is not to say you don't have melt-downs and outbursts but you get over it quickly and for that I am grateful. You are a morning person, even though Daddy and I are not we can appreciate this quality in you and it was so helpful for early swim practice this past summer!

You love dressing up. From pirate, to jedi knight to fireman to cowboy all in one afternoon; it is very fun to watch! I never know what I'm going to see come down the stairs! I know God is going to do something amazing and fabulous with your life and I just can't wait to see!

You are a great big brother! I love that I am helping you write a book and you are dedicating it to your little sister! You are your baby brother's hero; he wants to be just like you! I love watching how enthusiastically he greets you when we pick you up at school. I pray that they will be your best friends forever and that you will continue to love them and be a blessing for them for the rest of your life.

Your faith in God is amazing and it enriches my faith to witness. Just a few weeks ago you were feeling sick and I overheard you praying for God to heal you. You believe He can and that is a faith beyond your age. You prayed for a baby sister before she was born. To our surprise you first wanted a baby sister, not a baby brother! And God heard your prayers. Then before we were even pregnant or had decided we wanted to be pregnant with a 3rd child, you prayed for a baby brother. Our faith was smaller than yours as your daddy and I worried how to tell you if it turned out to be a baby sister, but a brother he was. As soon as we told you, I'll never forget what you said, "I prayed a lot of days for a baby brother!" You knew to give God the glory and be thankful for an answered prayer. Your faith, it makes me a better person! I pray your relationship with God will grow with each new day, year, and season of your life. I pray that you will seek Him, follow Him, rely on Him, and glorify Him all the days of your life!

It is a privilege to be your mom!

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