Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Works for me Wednesday: Ways to Save Money

Pain-free ways we save money:

  • Eliminate phone bill extras. One call to the phone company is going to save us $11.00 per month. I got rid of all the extras we don’t use, like call forwarding. Basically the only features I kept are call waiting and caller id. I also got rid of the long distance service on our phone. We just use our cell phones for long distance, so it was crazy that we were paying like $5 per month for a long distance plan that we never used!
  • Rethinking small purchases. On Christmas Eve I almost ran out to buy 3 extra big gift bags for my kids’ large sized Christmas gifts, but then I realized I’d spend, like $9 plus the time it would take me to get to the store and back and what would we really gain? So instead I covered each gift with a white sheet from our linen closet and pinned a bow on. Nobody missed the gift bags! This has inspired me to think more creatively and analyze even small purchases. Do we really need it? Could I repurpose something I already have instead of buying something new?
  • Stop wasting food. See my post here for more details, but basically, we are eating all our left-overs or freezing them instead of letting them go bad and throwing them away. Same goes for produce in my produce bin, no more wasting it!
  • Learn to fix things around the house yourself. A couple weeks ago our heater stopped working. While I began planning a call to the repairman, my husband went up in the attic and relit the pilot light and the heater started working again. Five minutes of his time in the attic with a lighter saved us probably $80 on a service call. If you don't know how to troubleshoot something, look it up on the internet, chances are you'll find step-by-step instructions.
  • Reusable water bottles. I drink a lot of water and I never leave home without it. I think it is a combination of so many years of pregnancy and nursing and living in a typically hot climate, but I used to go through at least 1 Ozarka per day. Several months ago I bought a Camelbak water bottle and now I just refill it. The bottle paid for itself in a little over a month in money saved on the disposable bottled waters. Save money and help the environment, why didn’t I make the switch sooner?!

  • No gym memberships. I work-out by running outside and pushing 2 of my kids in a double jogging stroller. My 3rd child is either at school or I run during a time when my husband will be home.
  • Make your own baby food. I am going to post on Thursday about how to do this pretty easily, but it can save you a ton of money and is healthier for your baby. I am a regular person and I am busy, trust me when I say, if I did it for all three of my kids, you can too!

What do you do that is saving your family money? Please share in the comments!

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  1. We're on the same page, and I am actually attempting a new one (in addition to all of yours) this week. I did a grocery shop for 2 weeks instead of 1. I told my husband that we would NOT go to the store before the 2 weeks runs out unless we ran out of milk....I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. What wonderful tips, thank you for sharing!

    Many of these are things we are trying to do as well!

  3. These are all really great tips. I'm sure you've heard of these - we use cloth napkins and old wash cloths instead of paper towels. Vinegar & baking soda to clean with.
    It is amazing how the less money you have to work with, the more creative you can become. And you may not even miss the things that you thought you needed. :)

  4. Great tips!

    We just moved and I am trying to shave off at least a couple hundred dollars a month from our budget. The other day I called the cable company and had them downgrade my internet service. It costs me $20 less a month and I didn't notice a change in my service at all. It is still just as fast as ever.

    I also canceled my home phone service and bought a Magic Jack. It works great and is perfect for anyone who uses their cell phone a lot. $20 a YEAR! Can't beat that! Only problem is that you can't use it while your computer is turned off. The service itself works great.

  5. I do most of the things on your list, too, with the exception of the gym membership. We have a family membership to the YMCA, which is worth it for our family.

    My WFMW tip about finding coupons outside of the Sunday newspaper is HERE if you'd like to take a peek.

  6. Good tips! My husband and I recently consolidated our cell phone plans, which will save us in the long run.

    And I agree with you on the water bottle idea -it's ultimately a lot more convenient that bottled water!

  7. Great tips! We are working our way to saving money. I'm all for making full use of leftovers. We recreate them into other dishes. :D

  8. It's so encouraging to know others are trying to cut back, too. Thanks for sharing about some of the changes you've made.


  9. Great tips! I need to work on not throwing food away bc we let it go bad.

  10. Great tips! We use Vonage...the cheapest package. I've really enjoyed perusing your Menu archives as well!

  11. Ways we save money, or plan to save:
    No cable...never had it since married
    Getting rid of hard line and making my cell the main number (soon)
    Buying 2% milk and adding water to it to make it last longer (shh, don't tell the kids)
    Boka burger meals for when the kids (teens actually) aren't home until late; saves money and it's healthier

  12. hi
    nice post
    These are all great ideas
    Great tips! I’ll be coming back to learn more about saving money!
    Everyone can save money in small and seemingly insignificant areas if you know how and where to do it.


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