Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! In this blog carnival created by MckMama everyone has fun telling all the things they DID NOT do (but really did). You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. This is my first stab at a Not Me! post but surprisingly I could think of tons of things I DID NOT do, so here goes!

I DID NOT catch my 1 year-old eating a cracker with completely filthy, dirty, black hands!

I most certainly DID NOT take a picture to document this filthy cracker hand for all the world to marvel at my super parenting abilities! Seriously, y'all, how does a hand get that dirty and then get a cracker without a mother noticing?

I DID NOT happen to find this article entitled,
"Babies Know: A Little Dirt Is Good for You" that same day by chance and declare myself an awesome mother for allowing my kid to eat dirt that very morning!

I DID NOT spend an entire week documenting every moment with the bunny mascot from my daughter's preschool class so we could complete the Bunny Journal.

And when my little girl woke up the night before the bunny had to be returned to school crying that she didn't want to take Benjamin Bunny back to school, I definitely DID NOT wildly dig through our stuffed animal bin, pull out a white bunny from the bottom and declare it Benjamin Bunny's long lost sister Becca Bunny who could stay at our house forever and ever! No, I would NOT do that because that would be mind games and I DO NOT subject my children to that sort of fantasy world! And, by the way my daughter DID NOT fall for the long lost sister bit and is NOT now carrying Becca Bunny everywhere!

We DID NOT go to the car show and let our 3 children climb all over, rub fingerprints on, and pretend drive all the brand new cars while the salespeople frowned at them!

My cart DID NOT look like this leaving Target on Friday. We DO NOT attract attention from other storegoers when my 5 year-old chooses to ride in the bottom like this!

Okay, now your turn, what did you NOT DO this past week?


  1. Ha! My cart looked a bit like that at Target last week! :)

  2. LOL - My daughter cried when her time with the preschool stffed animal was up...I am so going to use the long lost cousin thing!

  3. LOL - great post! I love that you took pictures of the dirty hands, a sign of a diehard blogger. Just Excellent!!!

    And I am so pleased that you found the article, it makes me feel so much better too! haha

  4. That post made me laugh! The bunny thing was funny. When my oldest one was in school I always hated that kind of stuff. The Target cart ride was great!

  5. Very cute! OH- Target trips can be so fun (looking at all the goods) and then so tiring at the same time! I sometimes feel good when I look past the dirt too, though it is VERY hard for me:)


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