Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kid Fashion - Best Buys

I like my kids to look cute. I like to not spend a fortune on their clothes. I like their clothes to last not only until they outgrow them, but until their younger sibling does! I don't ask for much, do I? Here are some tips and deals I've discovered to make my kid fashion goals possible. Check back on future Fridays, too, because I'll share more exciting kid fashion tips, like the beauty and durability of the smocked dress and how to find it cheap!

For Girls:
Check out these little girl shoes, so cute and for a great price or these in the leopard print.

If you are looking for little girl jeans, these from Target are great, super cheap. They are the soft denim which my little princess will wear without complaining that "they hurt" as she does for regular denim jeans!

Now this is not on sale, but I cannot say enough about tulle skirts (ballerina tutu style) for little girls. My daughter has a couple (one found on sale at Gymboree a little while back and one found on Ebay) and you can pair them with t-shirts like this one or this one for an easy, cute look. My daughter gets tons of compliments when she wears her "ballerina skirts", not to mention how much fun she has twirling around in them!

Your daughter can start wearing her spring and summer dresses and skirts even if the weather is still a little chilly when you pair them with leggings and a sweater. We have these eyelet leggings
and they are my favorite. They go with all my daughter's dresses and do you know the best part? They are white, so you can totally bleach pen away any stains! Not that my little princess would ever have grass stains on her knees or anything! She wore hers last winter and this winter because if they are a little short it is just like capri leggings, so I got my money's worth!

These capri pants are fun for spring and can be paired with a long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt.

For Boys:
For toddler boys, these Stride Rite shoes are a steal at $19.99 marked down from $34.00. My toddler wore these all winter and I loved them for casual or with khakis for church.

Now, I'm all about great buys for kid clothes, but only to the extent that I'm still getting good quality. I have two boys and I would like to be able to reuse most of my 1st son's clothes for his little brother. I have found that the Ralph Lauren short sleeve polo shirts wear much better than a Gap or Old Navy one. Sorry Gap and Old Navy, but you just fade so much that you wear out before my 1st child even outgrows you! I only buy the Ralph Lauren stuff when it is on sale and then it is only a little more than the other brands. For example, these solid polos are on sale for $19.99 and this stripe polo and this stripe polo are on sale for $22.99.

Also, these long sleeve t-shirts are on sale for $9.99. I may buy a couple for next winter! And short-sleeve are already on sale for $7.99, marked down from $18.00 -- such a deal!

Before the Old Navy people leave me nasty comments, I must say, I don't have quality problems with all Old Navy stuff. My son has worn their jeans all winter and they still look great and they come in slim, which he needs! So, if you need boy jeans check these out, they are even on sale!

Now here is some quality for a low price! These pull-on cargo shorts from Children's Place are awesome! My 1 year-old and 5 year-old both had a couple pairs they wore all last summer and fall and they did not wear out! They are easy on and off with no buttons and look great with t-shirts or collar shirts.

I'd love it if you'd share your kid fashion faves! What have you found to last and what looks terrible after a couple washings?

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  1. Thanks so much for this post and for introducing me to some new places for children's clothing. I'm with you on needing clothes to last through multiple siblings. (I have four children: one daughter who just turned six and three boys who have birthdays coming up soon and will be 2, 4, and 8.) I look forward to reading more!

  2. I love Target for kids, I can usually find clothes there for less than what I would pay at a second hand store. I especially love their khaki pants for boys.

  3. ok i too have to have them last thru two kids, my boys are 10 mos apart but the younger is enough skinnier/smaller the seasons clothes do fit exactly right to pass down a year later.
    I have found I love the Okie Dokie tops from pennies that you can usually catch around 2 for 10$ and if you have the 10$ off 50 coupon @ the same time i will get 10 pieces for 40$ plus tax....they hold their color, they dont lose their prints, and they look just as good on boy 2 as on boy one.

    as for jeans....neither of my boys have ever had brand new mom lives in an upscale area and her goodwill continuously has things like levis for kids with tags still on them and she pays usually under 2$ for them.
    also at her goodwill week before last she got my younger one 2 pair of Nike Air Jordans brand new for 5$ each...
    we are big believers in alternative shopping...LOL


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