Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Make Homemade Baby Food

Okay, so here is the post I've promised. Please do not be intimidated by the idea! Making baby food really is not hard and not all that time consuming. I am a regular, ordinary, busy mom and I have done it for all 3 of my kids and rarely bought store stuff. It is necessary for travel when you won't have refrigeration, but otherwise it is much cheaper to make your own, fresher for your baby, and you know exactly what is in the food they are eating. In this day and age of strange preservatives and recalls due to factory contamination, making your own baby food gives you peace of mind about what you are feeding your tiny person! If you are still not convinced, do a taste test yourself. I bet you'll never subject your baby to jarred food again!

How to make baby food peaches, apples, apricots, pears, plums:

You'll need fruit, a steamer, a small food processor, and small containers (or ice cube trays)

Step 1: Peel and core fruit

Step 2: Put in steamer and steam until very soft (around 15 min.)

Step 3: Put in small food processor and puree until desired consistency.

Step 4: Divide into small portions and freeze anything you won't use in a few days.

Compare to store bought baby food. The color, texture, and taste is completely different! Yes, I did taste the store bought peaches -- so gross, definitely not something I'd willingly eat, but the homemade is yummy, just like warm peach puree, I was licking the spoon!

So, since I don't have a baby food eating baby around the house anymore, what did I do with the peach puree? It will become popsicles!
How to make homemade baby food bananas and avocados:

Step 1: Peel ripe, soft fruit

Step 2: Mash with a fork until desired consistency. That's it --- so easy!!

How to make homemade baby food sweet potatoes, acorn squash, white potatoes:

Step 1: Poke holes in vegetables and bake in oven until very tender.

Step 2: Remove peel.

Step 3: Puree with a little water until desired consistency, add water as needed while you puree.

How to make homemade baby food chicken, turkey, beef:

Step 1: Boil meat in a pan with some water until cooked

Step 2: Strain meat, but save remaining cooking liquid

Step 3: Puree until desired consistency, add cooking liquid as needed while you puree.

How to make homemade baby food zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli:

Follow same steps as the peach, etc. puree, using the steamer, but you may need to add some liquid during the puree step. Use the steaming liquid as needed to get desired consistency.

Final Tips:

- Once your baby passes the single food introduction phase, you can puree 2 or more things together to make a combo entree. Examples:
  • peas and carrots
  • chicken and peas
  • chicken and pears
  • chicken and apples
  • beef and carrots and potatoes
  • chicken and sweet potatoes
  • chicken and avocado
  • peaches and bananas
  • apples and bananas
  • turkey and carrots
  • acorn squash and apples
- Then for the equivalent of Stage 3 foods, you can add cooked rice or potatoes and puree with the meats or other combos.

- Make large batches and freeze extras. While you are steaming and pureeing peaches you might as well do 8 peaches worth instead of just 2!

- Thaw them in the microwave but stir well after heating and check temp. with your finger. Beware of hot spots where part of the puree is cold and part is burning hot. You don't want to burn your baby's mouth!

- I bought my little plastic cube containers at the Dollar Store and they work great! You can go straight from the freezer to the microwave to the table with them!

- I learned most of what I know from this book and my own trial and error.

- For the small food processor, they do make ones specifically for baby food, but I've found a universal one to be easier to use, more durable, and more useful for chopping onions and green peppers, etc. after your baby food making days are over! Here is a link to one like I have:

So what do you think? Are you ready to try it? Do you already make baby food? Any extra tips to share from your experiences?

how to make homemade baby food


  1. I wish you would have posted this 3 years ago! I would have done this with my babies. With my son I eventually started just putting our table food in my food processor and then feeding it to him.

  2. I made my food for my babies when they were little. I used my blender and made the puree into ice cubes. I'm going to share this with my SIL as she is wanting to know how to do baby food. :D


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