Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kid Fashion - Rodeo Edition

Just as soon as Valentine's ends it is time to gear up for Rodeo! Granted we live in Texas, but believe it or not, we don't dress like this every day. However it is fun to dress like a cowboy or cowgirl every now and then, especially for kids! So, I'm here to help you outfit your little buckaroos!

The first place I start is Ebay. My daughter's outfit pictured above was completely from Ebay. The boots were around $10, the skirt $8, and the shirt says "Cowgirl" on the front is Gymboree brand, but was around $9 on Ebay. Do searches on "kids cowboy boots", "cowgirl boots", etc.. If you want to narrow further you can also add your child's size. Do the same kind of searches for skirts, shirts. For boys, search on "western shirt" and you can get a cute cowboy shirt to combine with jeans, cowboy boots, and a hat to get an outfit like this one below on my son.

Another cute option for a "Go Western Event" is this dress on sale. It is adorable with the red bows and the cowboy & cowgirl print! My daughter has a couple of these Josiekat's Trunk bow dresses in different prints (also bought on sale) and they are fabulous. So comfy and the white t-shirt top is easy to clean with bleach pen should she get any stains on it! Also, once it gets too short for a dress, you can use it as a top and pair it with jeans, for literally years of wear! Talk about value! Nothing I've bought for my boys has ever made it past 9 months or so before it hits the too small bin.

For a little girl, this blue jean overall dress is another fun western outfit idea. The great thing about this is that it could be worn with a short sleeve shirt for warm weather or long sleeve shirt and tights for cold weather. For a little boy there are these shortalls or these overalls.

If you have an infant, check out these cowgirl boot socks or these cowboy boot socks, too cute!

For reasonably priced kid cowboy hats, check here or check out this
Ranger Childrens Wool Hat that comes in pink, red, or black.

Here are some cute pink boots - Pink Austin Lights and for boys try these Children's Ostrich-Print Cowboy Boots.

I hope your little ones have as much fun as mine do being cowboys and cowgirls. You're sure to get some adorable pictures!

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  1. I'm guessing it is the Houston Rodeo?

    We don't get to do this year, but we had so much fun last year!!!

  2. You're killing me with all these cute little girl clothes. The boy clothes are cute too, but not the same.

  3. Way too cute of a skirt! I only have boys, but if I had a girl I'd buy that!

  4. Cute! I grew up in Houston, so we always dressed western at some point this time of year. I love that skirt and those boots!


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