Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clearly Container Crazy!

Over the past year of trying to get better organized, I have become a complete fanatic for the containers. Give me an empty plastic bucket, basket, shoe box, or even an empty yogurt tub and I'm a happy girl!

Here I wrote how after reading hundreds of times about using containers for organizing I finally discovered, "Hey, containers really do work for making things more organized!" And since then nearly every area of my home has been invaded with a container. Even the fridge was not immune to a little white plastic bin addition!

So all this explanation is meant to help you understand the depth of my excitement at discovering these in the Target Dollar Section, FOR ONE DOLLAR each!!!

Now that my mom can't drive she's doing all her errands with me, and I think I seriously scared her with my level of excitement and discussion over the bins FOR A DOLLAR! And then I had to start it all up again with the poor checker as she scanned each beautiful, bright, empty bucket that just screamed with organizational promise! "At the Container Store each one of those would be eight dollars!" I told her as she pretended not to be thinking, "Okay, let's settle down, Lady, they are only buckets!"

So how many did I buy?


Across two separate Target trips.

Yes, after the 1st trip I came home and found so many uses for the buckets that I had to go back the next day and buy some more!!! It is a sickness, y'all!

But I'm so glad I went back quickly because the very next day, they were almost all gone. Clearly many people see the great deal of those buckets!

I will openly admit to being a Target stalker. There was even a time 5 years ago as I decorated a big boy room for my 1st son, that I had a Target Odyssey that consisted of no less than FIVE Target stores. But as a result of that odyssey I managed to score their super cute construction themed comforter times 2 (because he had bunk beds), pillow shams for both beds, sheets, decorative pillows, rug, and matching nightlight on sale because they were discontinuing the collection!

Thankfully I live in a big city where 7 Target stores are within a 10 mile radius of my house!!

So while you ponder the extent of my patheticness at even knowing that statistic, let me share with you that I have put 13 of the 15 buckets to good use! Here's how:

  • 3 in a storage closet are containing the dollar store items I've collected for the kids Christmas stockings (1 bucket per child)
  • 2 in the storage closet are holding other small gifts I've bought for Christmas
  • 1 in my daughter's closet for her dress-up crowns, necklaces, rings, etc.
  • 1 in my daughter's closet for small bags and purses
  • 2 to contain random small toys in the playroom
  • 1 to further organize the puzzle cabinet
  • 1 to contain "guys" in my boys' room
  • 2 organized the nightstand in my boys' room

The nightstand before picture:

And after:
Just ignore the fact that the shelf is badly in need of a paint-job. I guess 5 years of little boy wear and tear will do that to a shelf that was painted with craft paint rather than real wood paint because it is what I had on hand at the time!!

If your local Target is sold out of these babies, I'm very sorry, I may have beat you there!!!

***Please know all the raving on and on about the buckets and Target all stems from my own internal crazy and not because I have been compensated at all by Target to say it!***

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  1. cute!!! i do that WHen Christmas goes to 90% off

  2. Your organization is impressive!! I'll have to stop by Target and see if you left me any storage buckets! :)

  3. I too have obsessions, though not of the container kind, but I am thinking that since organization has never been a strong point of mine, that maybe some colorful containers might help. Couldn't hurt. I've got 2 Targets within driving range. I wish they had lay-away.

    I am hoping that more stores re-instate lay-aways. I think lay-away is making a comeback since less people are shopping with credit cards. I just heard a commercial yesterday that Sears has lay-away. There is a container store in my city, but in the 10 years I have been here, I've never been to it. We have Ikea now and the catalog is within reach of my computer right now. I KNOW they have containers! LOL!

    Okay, I'm rambling because I don't want to go back to work.


  4. Haha.. I was wondering what you did with all the buckets... Glad you told us! :)

  5. Its called being obsesive compulsive ;) But dont worry I am not calling names here, it takes one to know one! And I am SO one! LOL I love what you have done with this buckets. Makes me want to go to Target Dollar area too. But wait, I did that already haha Have a great day. ~The Surviving Mom

  6. Organizing... I can't wait till my kids can learn how to do that by themselves lol..

    My hands are full with my to do list

  7. Great topic. I never regret any effort in being organized. This year I am downsizing my collection of Christmas decorations. I'm sure someone with little ones can make good use of them. I love having them all in plastic containers for storage.
    Happy T13!

  8. I'm into containers too. I keep thinking it will help me be more organized. Happy TT!

  9. looks great! I got rid of a toybox but kept the colorful bins and use on a shelf instead...I like the look. I myself use many reusable type of containers for places where you dont neccessarily see them, like wipes boxes, big coffee cans, the plastic zip bags your sheets come in, etc. I love having the kids toys organized and this really helps. Our puzzles are all in a 3 drawer drawer holds all the puzzle bases, and a second drawer holds all the pieces labelled in zip lock bags. Its a great way to not lose the puzzle pieces.

  10. I LOVE it, haha...AGAIN I wish I could send you a pic of the toy shelves in the closet of my grandkids room...FULL of different sized and colored buckets or bins or containers. Red one has cars, blue one has small balls, pink one has small dolls and clothes, etc. Some of have lids (crayons, colored pencils) most are open. You get the picture. AND!! I got them all (including the shelves themselves) at various Targets on sale. I also have a few old plastic zip bags that held new sheets and blankets. These are wonderful for those items that have tons of little pieces and yet some large ones too. I have all the gear for the littlest pet shops in one big one. haha I will definitely be checking out my Target today for those buckets. Oh the possibilities. Thanks for the tip...Have a good day.

  11. Being organized is always something to be thankful for!!

  12. My problem is that I buy the containers and they just become another form of clutter. Maybe one day I will get it together and use them for their intended purpose.

    Calico Contemplations

  13. Hello Target Stalker,

    I understand your joy! We have that store in our area and I love it. (It's also so clean a store besides supporting charities.) Great idea for those buckets and the price is a steal. I'm a new one here through T13, although my post is not a "T 13.) Anyway, I recall using plastic baskets to organize my kid's toys. I went basket crazy. To this day, she defies use of those baskets; I tried to send some with her to college for uses other than toys.


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