Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not Playing Possum!

Do you know what will make you jump just a little?

Head out into your backyard in the black of night to investigate what the dog is wildly barking at under the car. Crouch down, shine y
our flashlight under to find this!!!!

Starring at you from only a couple feet away!!!

It happened to my husband and then to me as he insisted I come see, a couple nights ago.

Is it just me or does that possum not look friendly?

Good thing our dog is the fearless possum hunter!

We tried to entice her back inside with a treat to stop all the loud "I've got something!" barking.

She continued to circle the car barking while debating -- treat or possum or treat or possum?

She chose possum, and my husband had to finally drag her in by her collar allowing the possum an easy escape.

Hopefully our fearless possum hunter put enough of a scare into that creepy, large toothed, large clawed possum that he will not be back!

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  1. That sure doesn't look like a happy possum! GEEZ!
    (we had a possum and babies last summer living under our crawl space. EWWWWwwwww!)

    PS Good dog!

    Happy WW!

  2. Yikes.... but how cool he gave you an awesome pose for the pic !!!
    happy WW

  3. Ohhh! What a little meany! LOL! Happy WW :)

  4. Those little things are MEAN! The only time I ever got that close to one, it HISSED at me....seriously it HISSED, I don't think it realized I had a bat, but couldn't stop laughing!

  5. so scary great protector you got http://beautifulangelzz.blogspot.com/2009/11/wordless-wednesday_08.html

  6. EWWWW, that animal is so ugly, yikes!!!

    Stopping from 7 clowns.

  7. We have those around here and I HATE THEM!! Oh nasty...sick...gross :)

  8. That is one scary looking possum- only a blogger thinks to catch a pic LOL


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