Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time Marches On

You may remember this picture from my sidebar and my profile:

Well, that was actually 2 years ago! Yes, my internet friends, when I say I'm behind on pictures, I mean I'm behind on pictures!

So, my blog family photo (much like the family photos that hang in my home) actually depicted my family as we were 2 years ago.

And this is now. . .

So, now 2 years later, is it any easier taking family photos with 3 kids?

No, not really.

But, I can say now during the hour with the photographer I am much less stressed.

The mom in the 1st photo was only 6 months into life with 3 kids. She was still trying to hold it all together, control the situation, worrying that the kids might not cooperate, fretting over wrinkled clothes, and concerned that the "perfect" picture be captured.

And in the 2nd photo the mom has learned that with 3 kids, there may be tears and runny noses and untied shoes and drool and tongues sticking out, but that in the unpredictable, the messy, there is life.

Beautiful, unscripted, REAL life!

And speaking of TIME and real life,

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to change the clocks twice a year obviously did not have young children.

My letter:
Dear Mr. or Ms. I-Invented-Daylight-Savings-Time,

Please come over to my house and explain the concept of "Fall Back" to my 2 year old. His biological clock says, "6:53 AM, time to wake-up". The clock on my nightstand says, "5:53 AM, definitely NOT time to wake-up!!"


A mom who is wondering where her extra hour is!


  1. haha I am just like your baby...I was WIDE awake today at 5:15!!! Not 6:15 as usual...but I just got up and now I am an hour ahead of scedule..oh happy day...I have a feeling it won't be so great tonight when I am wanting to go to bed at 9:30 instead of 10:30, haha I'm sure your baby and I will be adjusted by the end of the week. Your pic is GREAT!! What a nice family you have..Have a geat day. Blessings to you, Debbie

  2. Love the new pic! Time sure does fly by quickly when you have kiddos!

  3. Super new photo!! And I just have to tell you... You look incredible, like a model, lol. I would never believe that you had 3 kids.

    PS I have the spy party details up on my blog. :) I hope you can use the ideas when your kiddos get older!

  4. I was thinking about that same thing when my friends on Facebook were all saying they were excited to get their extra hour of sleep. I thought, "I'm probably not going to get my extra hour of sleep for many years to come." (assuming I have more kids) :)

    Great picture, by the way!!!


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