Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Great Toys Part 2

As I blogged about in this Christmas Conspiracy post, we are not spending as much this Christmas, particularly on our kids. They have too much already, we have too much collectively as a family and there are others who have so little. I'm thankful for a chance to be a better steward of the money God allows us to have.

So that being said, I have been thinking more about toys that are a waste of money and toys that are true quality and will entertain kids of a variety ages for many years! To see part 1 of my post on great toys click here. And to round out the list of toys that have proved to be great toys in our household, here are 13 more:
  • An Easel - here is a great, cheap one that we have had for years from Ikea
  • Legos and wooden blocks
  • Wooden Train set
  • Dress-up clothes
  • Kid table and chairs - I got a Pottery Barn Kids one off Ebay a few years ago and my little kids use it every day for crafts and snacks.
  • Plastic Animals - My kids play with this set a bunch
  • Dolls and doll clothes - my daughter plays equally with her expensive (Grandma-bought) American Girl doll and the much cheaper Target variety!
  • Playtent or Playhouse - we have a tent-castle (from Ikea but I don't think they sell it anymore) and this playhouse set up in our playroom and the kids use both for all sorts of imaginary play!
  • "Guys" - Star Wars, Superman, Batman, etc. action figures
  • Toy Grocery Cart
  • Play Kitchen with food
** In the interest of full disclosure: I was not asked to write this post or endorse any particular product. I am an affiliate and thus receive a small percentage of any purchases you make using my links that go to Amazon.

And you know I could say a thousand words about great toys, but really, if you want to save money this year, just give your kids a large cardboard box!

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  1. I've ordered a new game from Chicken Soup for the Soul. It's called Count Your Blessings
    I totally agree with your list.
    Happy T13!

  2. So many of these toys involve imagination and creativity. Those are the best toys that keep kids busy. Great list!

  3. Great List. I too I'm tired of all the toys. I plan to only buy things to add to things they really like to play with now and LEGOS is one of them. Have a great Thursday!

  4. Even though electronic toys are popular, I notice that my daughter goes back to the "classics" time and time again! Great list!

    happy TT!

  5. My sister swears that when I was little she heard mom ordering something for me over the phone. Mom asked "I know the toy is great, but could you tell me more about the box it will come in?"

  6. That's one thing that my husband and I don't get along so much hehehe.. He like buying toys for the kids while I choose those that are educational..

    I am sharing the new and addictive Fun Memes I just joined.

  7. It never was anything big for Christmas in our family!!! Kids don't need all that they want. LOLOLOL

    My 13 is posted...I'm talking Turkey today. It's posted below my Thursday Thunks, so if you can find time to visit, just scroll down a bit!!

    Click HERE

  8. AS I read this I laughed because two of my children are awake and sitting in their boxes watching tv. They are 7 and 3. We made cars out of them yesterday.

  9. i work for Toys r us holidays hahah

  10. How interesting. Mine are all grown, but if I had it to do again, less would be more. Currently we have little grands to buy for, and have decided to get them cute pjs each Christmas. Fun and stressless!!

  11. I'd add an Erector set to that list. Those are great for building things. But this is a great list for folks who want to give good value when they give toys.

  12. We're doing less for the kids this year, too. They are 3-1/2 and now at the age of "I want" and I'm hoping to change our habits and help them form a healthy relationship with stuff. I love your list and we have most of the things on it. The only thing missing is a playtent and it is something I am making for the girls for Hanukkah.

  13. I'm with you on your thought processes. In fact, my kids are kind of thinking along those lines too and I'm tickled. Only, with being so practical, they haven't put anything on their wish list yet...because they have everything they want.

    This Christmas will be interesting!

  14. Wonderful list filled with practical creative ideas ... thanks for sharing ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. I won't be spending much this Christmas either.
    Cardboard box is a great idea..hehe

  16. hehe, I remember LOVING playing in a cardboard box as a child. And the rest about that should become a blog post for me. Terrific list. I'm a newbie to T-13. Glad to meet you!

  17. cardboard boxes often please the kid more than the toy


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