Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Blame the Kids!

I'm so glad my 4 year old and 2 year old helped me bake these from scratch chocolate chip cookies because I can totally blame them for the result:

Yeah, not sure what happened there?!!! It was like one big, flat cookie mess! Burned on the edges, raw in the middle!! I was getting them out of the oven while my husband bathed the kids, and as I began to spatula them up I immediately realized, "There is no salvaging these cookies!" It was cookie goo I was dealing with!

I had 2 problems. Problem 1: They (along with apple slices) were supposed to be snack for my daughter's preschool class the very next day, now what am I going to take for snack? Problem 2: My daughter is going to be very upset when she sees the result of the cookies she worked so hard to help me make!

It took me about 7 seconds to think of the solution to both problems.

I sent my husband to the store for the break-and-bake chocolate chip cookies!

Ahhhh, that's better!

For all my wanting to get away from prepackaged, processed foods, I think my exception may be the break-and-bake cookies! They come out perfect every time!

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  1. But please tell me that you still kept the weird cookies to eat....underbaked or burned they still look good. Perhaps that is because I haven't had breakfast yet.

  2. Nothing wrong with that you saved the day that's all that matters!!

  3. Oh girl, that's funny! I've had mishaps like that before and yes, all I could do was laugh!
    I think your plan B was perfectly appropriate!
    Have a great weekend and Happy Friday.

  4. Won't the ruined cookies taste GREAT in milk pretending it is cereal?

  5. haha been there, seen that...your solution was perfect. I think I have figured out if I use margarine instead of butter (which I know means more fat, but if you don't eat them often it is not big I don't think) and don't melt it to mix (which I know makes it easier to stir) I usually avoid this problem. (at least usually, haha) Have a good day...Debbie

  6. I love all cookies - I don't discriminate. I would have eaten them with a spoon and a glass of milk.

  7. I'm with Chelsea! Lol!

    I'm glad you were able to find an alternative for your daughter's class, though. :)

  8. About the Dinosaur book...I don't think I posted about anything like that. But I do have a book that was given to us by friends. It's called "What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs" by Mark Dinsmore. It might be a little old for your kids, but it is written from a Christian perspective and does offer reasonable explanations about what may have happened. It points towards the changes that happened after the flood.

    (Beleive it or not, it was published by Creation-Life Publishers, Inc, and was printed in Hong Kong.)

  9. I think they needed some baking soda or you need new soda. Also I have had this problem and needed to add 1/4 cup more of flour.
    Try again it fun to bake!!

  10. You do what'cha gotta do. :) Those cookies do turn out beautiful. I don't think I want to know what's in them to make them so pretty, though!


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