Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What it is Like Being the 3rd Child

Originally published March 4, 2009

This picture of my 3rd child peaking out the doggie door says a thousand words about what it is like being the 3rd child. My 13 thoughts about this picture:

  1. Yes, you are seeing correctly, his older brother and sister are trying to entice him out the doggie door!
  2. The older ones do delight in seeing their little brother do silly things.
  3. Only 14 more years before they'll both be off at college and he'll finally get some peace!
  4. I love that my oldest child is wearing his "I'm the Big Brother" shirt in this picture, because he is the ringleader.
  5. My daughter can be very sweet and encouraging, no doubt that is why she took on the job of coaxing the baby brother out the doggie door, "Come on, you can do it!"
  6. The little one is really just tickled with all the attention from his older sibs!
  7. That 3rd child is always up to something crazy, I wonder how much is his idea and how much is the older kids putting him up to it!
  8. "He did it all by himself," my older two will insist when I accuse them of putting him up to mischief.
  9. Like I said last week, I never know what I'm going to find these kids doing, but it is usually picture-worthy!
  10. At least someone is using the doggie door -- our dog certainly doesn't!
  11. It is a blessing to watch them play together!
  12. You can call this "play", right?
  13. I praise you Lord, for giving them the gift of each other! May they always be the best of friends!

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